Hex Fidget Spinner PartsI was reading a book the other day when a random thought suddenly popped into my head.

A friend had recently mentioned 3D printed fidget spinners (or hand spinners as they’re sometimes called) but I didn’t think too much of it at the time.

Well, as this random thought had interrupted my reading I decided to do it justice and have a quick look on YouTube, because at this point I didn’t even know what fidget spinners were. It turns out these are the latest craze. Move over Pokemon Go, fidget spinners are now the new thing.

As you can see from the pictures these things are just weighted spinners containing one ore more bearings that you can spin using one or both hands.

If you’ve ever found yourself clicking a pen or bending a paperclip for hours on end then you’ll be familiar with the need to fidget sometimes. Well, these fidget spinners are the newest craze in solving this problem. They’re also good stress relievers and are quite addictive too.

OpenSCAD Fidget SpinnerUnfortunately it’s in my nature to act immediately when I get an idea into my head. Down goes the book and up comes my favorite 3D design tool OpenSCAD.

Within a few hours I’d designed, prototyped and redesigned (a number of times) my first fidget spinner.

I reused some spare bearings I had from the OpenRC F1 Car Project, slotted them in along with some UK pound coins for weights and I had my first hand spinner. Not only do I tend to act immediately on an idea I also have a tenancy to take the idea a little further than most people.

As well as designing and making my own, I made some more, designed a customisable version with initials on and put a few of these new Fidget Spinners for Sale on eBay.

However, I realised that by using UK coins as weights I was restricting myself to a UK market, so the next morning I bought a box of 100 M12 steel nuts (similar size to pound coins but thicker) and designed a new spinner to use them instead. I also used two bearings for this sturdier, heavier model and made another modification too.

Hand Spinner HexI was now removing the bearing seals, cleaning out the grease and replacing it with a light oil.

These made the hand spinners even faster! …and Yes I put this one up for sale too and then ordered some more bearings which arrive tomorrow.

When I woke up this morning I have a few watchers and my first bid, so at least one is sold already.

There’s probably a few lessons to take from this story, but the main one is that if you have an idea for a new design/product/business, then act on it and test it immediately. I could have taken weeks to do this, suffered paralysis by analysis and if I did take action the craze could have been over by then.

Hand Spinner CustomI did all this in just two days, ready or not, from the initial thought to design, creation, testing, and selling the first one.

If the idea had been a complete failure then at least I would have know quickly too and not wasted weeks on it.

Anyway, if you want to have a look at what I have made so far then check them out Here. I have no idea what models you’ll find. It depends when you read this post because as you know, I move fast 🙂

If you’re interested in beginning 3D printing yourself then you can download my FREE Beginners Guide to 3D Printing at Home eBook.

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Thanks for reading and happy fidget spinning.


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