OpenSCAD LogoPurchasing a 3D printer can be quite a big financial commitment and for many people it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Should this stop you from becoming involved in 3D printing?

Certainly not, because while you’re saving for your first printer you can still design and invent your own products and you can literally start this today.

If you think you don’t have the time or money to start designing your own stuff yet then think again.

My favourite design package is OpenSCAD and as the name suggests it’s open source and therefore completely free! In fact I wrote this article about OpenSCAD a little while ago. Although it’s an amazing tool (check out this OpenRC Truggy Tyre I Modelled in OpenSCAD) it still takes time to learn.

You may be like me in that your approach to learning is usually to dive straight in and learn the hard way, but this isn’t an efficient way to learn. So, how about a shortcut?

The smart way to learn is to take a short online introductory course. Short because time is precious, online because no-one wants to travel, introductory because we all have to start somewhere. My first instinct in an attempt to help you with this is to create an OpenSCAD course myself, but I thought of a better idea. If such a course already exists then why reinvent the wheel?

After some extensive searching and a few disappointments I stumbled upon this cool little course on Udemy, the popular online course company. OpenSCAD UdemyIt’s called Introduction to 3D Modeling with OpenSCAD, has over 1,040 students, 5 star reviews and looks like exactly what I’d been searching for. Now as much as I’d like to recommend it based in this information I needed to be sure it was suitable for my readers.

The only way to be sure was to buy it and take the entire course myself, to see if it was as good as the reviews implied. Don’t be alarmed when I said ‘buy it’, I know we like ‘free’ but this is only 11 US dollars and is well worth it because of the time and effort it will save you.

The course contains 20 video lectures and 3 quizzes, but may only take you a few hours to go through it, depending on your ability. I like the idea that this is a true introduction, with real life 3D printable examples and every step to designing them is described in detail. This includes downloading and installing OpenSCAD in the first place.

OpenSCAD is a very popular, free, programmatic design tool which is very powerful and flexible, especially for precision engineering. I’ve been using it for many months now and as you may already know I’m a freelance software engineer, so this tool really suits me. As a result I was very interested to review this course. I really like the way it’s structured, how it teaches the basics of OpenSCAD and how it inspires you to design more and learn more. OpenSCAD Udemy Certificate

Here’s my certificate of completion. You too will receive one of these when you complete the course. If you wish to find out more information about this course and the people who created it then Click Here.

The creators of the course will also support you if you have any questions and you could always ask me too, as I’m getting pretty handy with OpenSCAD and have completed the whole course myself.

I liked this course so much I have made myself an affiliate so I will receive a very small commission if you buy it using any of my links, but this comes from the creators and won’t cost you a penny extra. Have a look by clicking here Introduction to 3D Modeling with OpenSCAD and let me know if you decide to become a student yourself.

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Thanks for reading and happy inventing.


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