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"After scouring the web for advice I could find many publications on 3D but all too technical for me right now! Then I came across 3D Print Headquarters and was invited to download an e-book. Looking at the title I could see this was exactly what I was after, a 'Beginners Guide to 3D Printing at Home' and I immediately pushed the printer to one side and began to read.

I think you guys really gave this some thought with people like me in mind. Starting with 'What is 3D Printing' an obvious beginner and going on to motivate me with the segment on the benefits of 3D printing, cost of what I was about to get into and a confirmation that I could do all sorts of things with this machine.

I like the way you can click on different aspects in each article so as to get more information on the subject I was reading and where to find models to download. What different types of materials I could use to print with and tips on how to finish the model. Tips on what printer to buy (did not need that) but also the equipment needed to make life easy. The most important part in setting up the printer is adjustments and calibration which although not comprehensive in the e-book it nevertheless gave me a good start to ensuring I did not mess up.

I can recommend this e-book to everyone starting off in 3D Printing and being guided to go on to other articles allied to the business or hobby. Thanks for the book it really helped me."
~ Eddie

"Great quick little introduction to 3D printing at home. Fifteen pages of text and photos that go a long way to removing some of the mystery of 3D printing for someone new to the technology."
~ Rod

"Hi, I read the book and I think is a very beautiful guide for beginners that want to start in the 3D print universe!"
~ Gianluca

"I appreciate the amount of information that you sent me, it helped me understand more about the 3D printing process. Again I sincerely thank you very much for what you have done for me. Thank you very much!"
~ Phamut

"Recently I discovered your website after surfing the web for information on 3D printing technology. Thanks again for all that you have contributed to making the world of 3D printing an exciting place to live in."
~ Henry

"You really knocked it out of the park with this one! I really like how you merge the learning/action philosophy with the practical steps."
~ Amit

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