3D Printed Fashion: Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

by Matthew Wellington on August 4, 2013

3D Printed ShoesThe fashion industry is changing a lot these days due to the changes in computerised 3D printing technology.

All fashion designers now want to produce perfect designs for their clients as well as make their work easier as they create these designs for their satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of their clients.

So many fashion tips have been tested and tried out before and a good number of them seem to work impeccably.

That is why we have 3D fashion designs becoming so popular these days as compared to the designs that were crafted before this technological advancement. Looking at any fashion accessory that has been made from 3D printing can often leave you speechless. Actually if you are in the fashion industry and you have not started using this technology, you are really missing out on a lot.

Today’s fashion designers are opting for 3D fashion designs because they want to achieve more than they got from the orthodox designs. Some of them have lost their positions in the fashion industry and they are working to regain these positions. Now they have so much to thank this new technology for.

Why is 3D Printing Important to Fashion Designers?

Compared to what the situation was like before, 3D printing has immensely simplified the process of creating new designs for fashion designers. Considering that you can design just about anything from your PC, then conveniently and quickly print it from your 3D printer, 3D printing has greatly reduced the workload of fashion designers.

If you have several 3D shoes designs or accessories for instance; you can just as easily create a perfect fit for the people that you are making the shoes (designs) for with a simple click of a button.

It is therefore very easy to get your designs into the market. The primary advantage is you can easily 3D Printed Dresssell more fashion accessories than you previously sold when using this technology in the fabrication of your designs, which is in fact what many designers are now resorting to in the fashion industry.

The other advantage is that 3D fashion design programs have well figured models that you can use specifically to match every pose, every look and curve that you have in mind in order to bring out a flawless image.

Literally, the image will be just as you had pictured it in your mind. If for instance you are creating clothes for a certain body type, you can easily bring the designs out with the help of these models provided by 3D fashion design programs.

A beginner in the use of 3D fashion design programs can easily learn and start designing because the software is not complicated at all. Whether you are new to the industry or not, most of these 3D fashion programs are designed to be highly novice friendly to achieve increased and widespread usability.

The Benefits of 3D Fashion Designs

Being professional and remaining trendy is important in the fashion industry in order for you to make it big and make your clients happy with the designs that you produce. 3D fashion designs help a lot. You can serve your clients in a more professional manner when you are using 3D fashion design programs in designing your Clothes, Shoes, or Accessories.

Your production will always be realistic and perfect if you use 3D fashion design programs in the creation of your designs. The models provided by the software helps one to create realistic designs that can fit any figure or curve, therefore it is unbelievably easy to create customized designs of clothes or shoes that will fit perfectly to the person whose design you are creating for.

3D Printed NecklaceFashion designing is not often as easy as it may look at face view particularly if your designs do not capture the attention of your customers as you’d have hoped.

But, with 3D fashion programs, you can be sure to enjoy your work more since you will always make something that people will love and can be customized to match the different tastes and preferences of your customers.

Bottom-line is you will certainly have a great experience as you work on your designs.

Many fashion designers are in the market for their clients and will do anything to retain and increase their client base. If this is you, 3D printing provides you with a sure way to keep your clients and to keep others coming your way. When you produce great fashion designs and creations, your clients will definitely love your work and will always want you to design for them. This is how you gain fame and popularity as a fashion guru.

How to Get Started

In order to be an expert in the use of 3D fashion design programs, you need to learn the basics of how to use the programs first. Take time to learn how to create different designs using the models that are provided by the programs so it can be easy for you to design trendy outfits, shoes and other fashion accessories in future.

3D Printed AccessoriesOnce you’ve learned the fundamentals of using such programs, you can always create what you like to work with from the images provided in the programs.

You can define its body features and the size, just what you want to work on so that it will be easy to create a design for the set of clients that you have in mind. This way, you will always create something that will be useful to the clients you’re targeting.

You can also create a virtual presentation for your designs, a runway if you like, in order for you to see what the designs will look like when they will be modeled.

This is important just in case you want to make changes before they are modeled so that you will not have any doubts that they will be perfect when they’re finally fabricated.

If you have a program that can allow you to animate the designs, it will be good too so that you will be absolutely sure about the design that you are bringing to the market before you actually send it off. For your own peace of mind, this is very important and it will help you to present perfect designs to the market year round. This is simply how you get to enjoy every creation you make.

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