3D Printed Goat Wreaks Havoc in San Francisco

by Jason King on April 1, 2014

Angry 3D Printed GoatA team of bioprinting researchers based in San Francisco revealed today that they have managed to 3D print a live goat!

Using a large custom built biocell-extrusion printer and after a number of failed attempts they finally succeeded.

They had managed to print out the worlds first fully functioning live goat.

Dr Karahai who has worked on this ambitions project from the beginning stated:

“In the early days we didn’t really think this would work, but six years on we were getting so close to printing a real animal that all that changed and we gained real faith in the project. We never thought it would turn out like this though and cause so much devastation in our city.”

In his last sentence Dr Karahai is referring to the disturbing chain of incidents that followed on from this monumental 17 hour print job.

After the print job completed its final stages and the researchers were admiring the high resolution contour lines on the goats horns, the goat was brought to life with a series of small electric shocks.

It was then that the goat sprung into life and had to be moved into its purpose built pen. One of the scientists suggested they name this amazing creation Titan, after the titanium claws they gave it.

Titan was reportedly in good health and was extremely lively when it showed it’s first signs of aggression.

After clawing at it’s wooden enclosure for over an hour it managed to escape by breaking three of the oak panels.

The researchers admitted afterwards that they had very much under estimated the ability of Titan to use it’s titanium claws so effectively.

Titan was last seen running though the streets of downtown San Francisco, after turning over a market stall and making off with a bag of vegetables.

The search for Titan continues but recent witness reports have suggested that this goat is very angry and potentially dangerous. If you live in the area of San Francisco keep a look out for it.

Police say it shouldn’t be approached under any circumstances and that the researchers are not to print any more, at least until Titan has been detained.

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Thanks for reading and Happy April Fools Day.

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