3D Printer Kits to Build Yourself

by Jason King on December 18, 2012

3D Printer KitThe next great technological commotion creating a buzz in small workshops, basements, college labs etc is the DIY 3D Printer Kit.

It is really exciting to turn those binary digits into tangible objects and thus allowing a whole new way to make things.

Like all other digital technologies, their prices have fallen and they have become more advanced as well as more affordable.

Although these machines have existed for a long time now, it is only recently that the technology behind them has advanced to high levels and is now taking the industry by storm. 3D printers are available as a fully assembled kits or self build kits. The self build version is naturally cheaper as compared to the assembled one.

These printers are designed to be stable and durable and often feature a rigid aluminium chassis. Layers of plastic resin are used in the manufacturing process when using the printer. Apart from architects, designers and engineers, hobbyists too have started using this 3D technology.

Entrepreneurs and consumer interest has recently ballooned in the 3D printing kit world and everyone is scrambling to get there early to get a share of the market. The number of companies in this industry is on a steady rise. There are dozens of other ancillary businesses that are busy selling parts, supplies and software related to the 3D printer.

Modern 3D printer kits are becoming more advanced yet still simpler to build and use. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see them being used in colleges and schools. It is more common to see young students putting on their engineering caps and building these kits themselves. The technology is just perfect for someone with a desire to generate their own 3D models. Today, just about anyone can create their own 3D models in their own homes or offices.

The first low cost printer kit in the market starts from £795. One can also make use of reasonably priced materials for continuous production. Most of these new printers are ideal for hobbyists, colleges and schools. It is common to see phrase like the reinvention of manufacturing or third industrial revolution being used in the classrooms when talking bout this new technology.

The 3D printing industry is a logical next step forward in the future. Just like the regular personal 2D printer, it won’t be long before almost every household will have a desktop 3D printer kit available for personal or business use. With this fast paced technology, one should expect more competition in the market.

If you are looking for a 3D printer kit, there are some good models already available in the market and you can check them out to see which one is best for you within your budget. Some good choices are Portabee, Durbie Prusa Mendel, ShareBot, RapidBot and Leapfrog Creatr.

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