6 Ways to Profit from the 3D Printing Revolution

by Matthew Wellington on August 30, 2013

3D Dollar SignAs 3D printing is quickly going mainstream and a lot of improvements are being made to the technology to enable it to meet the essential needs of average consumers.

The big question you should be asking yourself is how you can really profit from the 3D printing revolution?

3D printing technology is growing at a very high pace. The good news is by making smart choices, you can be one of the people who get to benefit from the 3D printing revolution and there is no better time to start grabbing your share from the industry than now.

Don’t fret if you haven’t yet found ready ideas which you can act on to profit from 3D printing. In the next few minutes, this post is going to introduce you to 6 possible ways you can make cash through the technology. We hope it proves to be an eye opener!

Supplying 3D Printers & Providing Printing Services

Selling 3D printers is one of the tactics you can use to earn good money out of the 3D printing revolution. The increasing popularity of 3D printing has made many people to consider purchasing their own 3D printers. This means there is a ready market for 3D printers. That is why companies like 3D Systems and Stratasys are becoming quite famous and profitable.

The prices of 3D printers have also been gradually declining over the years. As 3D printers are becoming more affordable to average consumers and 3D enthusiasts, more and more people are acquiring access to 3D printers. This is yet another reason why it pays to sell 3D printers.

Besides supplying 3D printers, Providing Printing Services to Clients can earn you great profits as well. Despite 3D printers being quite affordable, with most printers selling at around $2500 or more, they are still not exactly cheap. Many people who cannot afford to buy their own printers therefore opt to hire companies that providing 3D printing services. Examples here include i.materialise, Ponoko and Shapeways.

Selling Customized Goods

So far 3D printing has been used to create a lot of goods such as toys, guitars, violins, Guns, Clothes, Shoes and smartphone cases among others. With a little bit of creativity on your part; you can design, print and sell your own customized goods. 3D printing can enable you to be a successful “work from home” entrepreneur by simply finding and designing a unique product that you can provide to the market.

Selling 3D Supplies and Software

Considering that a great segment of people today want to own and use 3D printers, one is likely to profit by selling 3D supplies. Supplies can include anything from 3D printer parts to 3D printing materials. Due to common problems that some people encounter with their 3D printers, people often need new parts to solve the problems. Moreover you can also be providing Printing Materials Like Graphene, ABS and PLA filaments.

3D Software Like CAD Tools are undeniably important to people using 3D printers too. Alongside the software you can sell Beginner Guides to help new owners of 3D printers get to enjoy the technology faster and better.

The high demand for 3D printing supplies and software is actually what made Amazon Introduce the 3D Supplies Section in their stores. It could also work for you!

Providing 3D Designs Online

For people who have professional design aptitudes, selling 3D designs and models online can be the ideal way to profit from 3D printing revolution. All you may have to do is create a website, then post all your 3D designs there. Once this is done, advertise your website among friends and colleagues for a start and basically make it known to people that you provide some cool 3D designs through your website.

As long as your models are stunning and intriguing, it will not be difficult to find people who are ready to pay good money for them. With so many 3D enthusiasts who do not have the time or skill to create their own designs, many 3D fans find buying 3D designs the simplest and most convenient alternative to owning superb 3D fabricated objects.

Printer Repair Services

Like any other machine, 3D printers do require repair or maintenance services sometimes. Albeit this job will need a great level of expertise and experience to profit from the 3D printing revolution, it pays well if you possess the right skills. Your role will essentially be fixing problems with 3D printers for 3D companies and individuals.

If this is the line of work that appeals to you, an effective technique of marketing your services will be to open a website and start an online support forum. Through the forum you can be offering invaluable advice to people on how to solve problems with their printers amidst a myriad of other things that they need to do to have a better experience with their printers. This will help you rapidly attract traffic to your website and soon you’ll have more people coming for your services.

Investing in 3D Companies

The final tip that can assist you profit from the 3D printing revolution is to Invest in 3D Companies. Buying stock from well established 3D companies for example Stratasys, Organovo or 3D Systems (though a long term investment) is likely to add more cash into your account at the end of the day.

However if you would really like to invest in stocks more easily, try to find start-up 3D companies. Usually you’ll find such companies on Kickstarter. For instance Fuel3D, Pirates3D and WobbleWorks are all companies with great potential that have had excellent ideas on how to revolutionize the 3D printing technology. Obtaining stock from such companies may not be as expensive as from their established counterparts.

Nonetheless before investing in the stocks of any company meticulously analyze their potential for dividends and growth, particularly the ones yet to have a significant impact on the market. This will help you make sound investment choices on which companies to invest in and hence profit from 3D printing technology.

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