Adobe Photoshop Now Supports 3D Printing

by Matthew Wellington on February 1, 2014

MakerBot 3D PrinterJust recently, Adobe announced the new update to Photoshop CC that is mainly intended to simplify the 3D printing process.

By incorporating the update directly into their software, there is no doubt that the company has finally decided to reel into the fast advancing world of Additive Manufacturing.

The update will not only provide 3D printing options to Photoshop CC users but will also have great impact in turning 3D printing into a mainstream technology. Thanks to this new update, creatives can now print whatever object they have designed in 3D form using Photoshop CC by merely clicking the ‘print tab’.

Previously, since there were a lot of compatibility problems between 3D designs created by modelling tools and 3D printers required to bring those models into life by printing their respective actual objects; designers were often uncertain whether the models they have created will really be printed into prototypes or objects.

Currently however, with the updates made on Photoshop CC, there is nothing to fret about because most of the compatibility issues have been settled, thus you only have to click the print button and your 3D model gets printed.

According to Photoshop’s product manager Andy Lauta, Photoshop CC will not exactly be a primary 3D designing tool but more of a finishing tool that designers can use to carry out the final touch-ups to prepare a model for 3D printing. Sure Photoshop has all of the 3D modelling features necessary to create a 3-dimensional design from scratch but the updates made to the software are meant to basically provide a tool for editing 3D designs or enhancing existing 3D models right before printing.

By solving the compatibility flaws which used to exist between 3D modelling tools and printers, the number of applications needed to prepare a model or design for 3D printing will be greatly reduced. It is therefore highly anticipated that the 3D object designing process will be shorter and faster than ever before.

The program will moreover Allow Designers to Add Color and texture to their designs before printing, eliminating what had become the monotony of monochrome 3D printing. As a result it will now be possible for designers to make their designs appear more vivacious by add as much color as they wish.

MakerBot and Shapeways Support

What’s more exciting about the update is that for people who would prefer to instantly print their models from Photoshop CC, direct printing has been made compatible with the MakerBot Replicator and 3D Systems Cube desktop printers. These are two of the most popular 3D desktop printers and now Photoshop CC has built-in access to their 3D printing capabilities.

On the other hand, if you would like to enjoy 3D printing services and do not have your own 3D printer; the software permits users to print directly to Shapeways giving you an added opportunity of getting to choose the printing materials you prefer.

The software supports a wide gamut of high end 3D printing materials all available on Shapeways which include Metal Printing, full color sandstones and ceramics.

Another benefit users will enjoy through Photoshop’s partnering with MakerBot and Shapeways is the fact that the software will automatically generate realistic previews of designs, showing how the model a designer is creating will typically look like if 3D printed by any one of their printers. There will also be a specific printer preview for the Cube Printer from 3D Systems.

So, the software will allow you to both choose the materials you desire plus show you a quick comprehensive preview of what you should expect the final product or prototype to appear like depending on the particular printer you’ll have opted for.

As if that is not enough, when Outsourcing Your Design to be Printed by a 3D Printing Company like Shapeways in this case, the software will in addition estimate for you the overall cost of the job. Essentially, it will give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for 3D printing any given model.

How Much Will this New Update Cost?

Taking into account the unparalleled value that this update will have on the lives of everyone who at one point or another may be in need of 3D printing services, it is only normal to be concerned about the costs of getting to use the software.

But here’s the part where it gets even juicier, all Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can expect to enjoy instant access to the software and all the 3D printing capabilities available in Photoshop CC without having to pay anything.

The reason behind this is because Photoshop CC is considered as part of Adobe’s subscription service so as long as you are a subscriber, you don’t have to pay an extra penny.

Spectacular 3D Creations

Adobe Photoshop CC has been massively adopted by many Photoshop users and therefore everyone with access to the program will have at hand all the necessary 3D Modelling Tools for their 3D designing needs.

With everything needed available in Photoshop CC, designers will from now on be able to produce stunning and more accurate prototypes and designs in a shorter time duration. The simplification of the designing process will make perfecting designs much easier and less time consuming as the case was before.

It’s not only individuals who will benefit from this software and its incredible capabilities but 3D printing companies as well, because the program will enable you to print and present the best of designs to their clients with the possibility of managing extremely fast deliveries.

Not forgetting that Photoshop CC also comes with an added tool called the ‘Perspective Warp’, which is capable of correcting perspective distortion automatically whenever a designer is manipulating objects on an image.

The Perspective Warp can equally allow you to alter the initial angle from which the photo you are working on was taken.

Photoshop CC is now a reliable tool for all 3D enthusiasts who would like to print their 3D models with less hassles experienced in creating the perfect model for 3D printing.

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