Affordable 3D Printers for Home Use

by Jason King on February 22, 2013

Cube 3D PrintersWe are heading into a future where most things are technologically advanced and handling matters like production will be made simpler and more effective.

For instance, there is the 3D printing craze that is taking over the world and which is promising to minimize the cost of production greatly, while at the same time making it easier for domestic production of items.

Yes, in a few years, when the roll out of 3D printers is stabilized and these machines are being commercially made on a larger scale, it will be easier to create your own 3D objects whenever you need them.

However, at the moment, 3D printers have mostly been created primarily for industrial use. Nonetheless, there are 3D printers that are in the market and which are created for the domestic user. That is, printers for home users like you. The great thing is that even though most of these printers are in the pilot phase, they are still functioning well making high quality productions. Nonetheless, for those who are ready to get a personal 3D printer, it is possible to acquire one. Looking on the brighter side, the prices are set to go down with large scale production of these printers.

Before having a look at some of the most affordable 3D printers for home use, it is essential that you understand what 3D printing is. 3D printing is the latest innovative way of creating three dimensional products through the use of an advanced printer known as the 3D printer. A 3D printer prints a digital image, coming up with a real life copy of the object through a process known as the additive process. The printer precisely adds successive layers of the molding material on a platform which eventually shapes up into an exact replica of the digital copy intended to be created.

Despite the fact that these printers are quite expensive, the prices for some 3D printers have considerably reduced over the years. This can be attributed to the fact that you can now build your own personalized printer if only you have all the right materials to create one. However, the overall cost of creating a personal printer is almost equivalent to buying a new, more precise 3D printer for your printing needs. Therefore, it is better for you to consider checking out and acquiring one of the more affordable 3D home printers.

Here are some of the current home edition 3D printers in the market or that are set to roll out in the near future on a cheaper more affordable price bracket for you to consider:

The Solidoodle 2

Solidoodle 2 is one of the cheapest 3D printers in the market currently. This simple yet effective 3D printer is one that can print objects to a high resolution of about 0.1 mm across on every layer it projects. Solidoodle 2 comes fully assembled with no need for you to stress out trying to assemble it. This 3D printer costs £330, while the higher end versions go for £400.

Cube 3D

Cube 3D is a printer that will cost you about £850 and comes as a Self Build Printer Kit. This printer is one of the best home 3D printers in the market as it is easy to use, yet provides high quality copies. This printer is able to print in different colours, but does it using one colour at a time and is able to give up to ten different shades. It is able to print models that are saved in STL format and can be relied on to come up with precise and high definition toys or jewellery.

M2 3D Printer

Compared to most home printers in the market, the M2 3D printer stands out as a more complete and realistic product as it doesn’t have dangling cables, and comes in a stylish design with a glass platform and a stainless steel mount. The M2 3D printer comes in two price options; £850 for a self assembly kit or the £985 option for a fully assembled printer. This printer is able to print relatively large objects.

RapMan 3.2

The RapMan 3.2 is one of the best looking printers in the market and goes for £840. This desktop sized printer comes in a steel frame with glass add-ons and is able to print quite large objects. Its flip side is that it prints with a single material at a time. The RapMan 3.2 comes with a touch screen interface and needs no computer; it is able to read files straight from a flash drive using the touch panel as a way to navigate and use the printer. For you to use the RapMan 3.2 you will have to assemble and calibrate the machine, which may take 2-3 days to accomplish.

MakerBot Replicator

The best and most functional cheap 3D home printer is the MakerBot Replicator. This printer is lauded for its ability to print more than one colour or material at a time. Going for £1150, MakerBot Replicator comes with dual extruder heads which make it possible and simpler to print in two different blends at a time. It can be used without having to connect it to a computer as it comes with a control screen and control pads. MakerBot Replicator is able to print G-code/STL format 3D models straight from an SD card which can be plugged into the printer. It is shipped fully assembled.


The Ultimaker is recognized for its ability to print larger object than most printers in the market. This printer goes for £975 and it comes as an Easy to Assemble 3D Printer Kit with different colours to choose from. The Ultimaker can print objects in more than a single material or colour and which can be up to eight inches cubed. It comes with its operation software and is inclusive of a LCD panel for easy control.

These are amongst some of the best printers in the market that home users can acquire to print personal effects and objects. Though not as powerful and as precise as industrial 3D printers, these affordable 3D printers for home use are very reliable in offering 3D printing services. In the near future, these prices are set to lower as more superior home printers are being manufactured. However, in the mean time, acquire one of these printers and enjoy 3D home printing like never before.

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