Amazing 3D Printed Electric Skateboards on Kickstarter

by Matthew Wellington on October 17, 2014

Electric Bubblegum 3D Printed ScateboardThe Electric Bubblegum is quite an awe-inspiring Kickstarter campaign. It features a 3D printed electric skateboard that bears features and electrical functionalities above the ordinary.

Andrew James, a former professional skater; is the inventor of this awesome skateboard. Living in Atlanta, James says in his Bio that he has a habit of going to all sorts of places while riding on his skateboard. Over time, he got to notice that people are often carried away with the unique designs of his homemade electric skateboards and are often curious to know how they work.

James says, after a while, he figured out that he could start a business of his own if only he had enough funding to set it off. And that is how he thought of starting the Electric Bubblegum campaign on Kickstarter.

This electric skateboards comprise of a combination of 3D printable parts, an extremely lighweight engine and a Wireless Wiimote Nunchuck controller. James reveals that in the beginning he had envisioned a lightweight electric skateboard weighing under 15 Ibs, capable of rolling for about 10 miles on a single charge, somewhat low cost and designed with 3D printed parts.

Months later, the Electric Bubblegum has met all the goals he had in mind and in some aspects surpassed his initial aspirations. For instance, the board weighs just 12.1 Ibs and can go up to 21 mph. The skateboard can cover a range of 10 miles and can be acquired at a cost of $550 (£340).

The skateboard has a 27 inch board and comes in many different designs with a total of 6 combos that one can choose from. James and his team have built 3 prototypes for the project. The prototypes have been helpful in enabling the team to assess the speed, battery life and torque of the Electric Bubblegum. These prototypes were also being used to test the electronic functionality and overall safety that can be guaranteed by the skateboard.

Unique Facts about the Electric Bubblegum

The major benefit that consumers get when using the Electric Bubblegum can be linked to its relatively low maintenance costs. Skateboards often have many of their parts wear out after a while due to the nature of the tracks they are mostly rode on. With many conventional types, the user is forced to buy new parts or a whole new skateboard.

The Electric Bubblegum will however, come with a whole new experience to users because they will be able to 3D print broken parts whenever necessary. The board for example is made of ABS plastic that can be easily printed. Other parts that the user can print using a 3D printer include the pulleys and covers.

Backers who pledge on this project are going to be provided with a USB stick that contains all the STL files one requires to print new parts. This will simplify the repair process in addition to providing users with customization options such as changing colors to give their electric skateboards a whole new design. The team quickly adds that for their customers who may not necessarily have 3D printers, they can print whatever parts a user requires for repair at a reasonable and budget friendly cost.

Electric Bubblegum has a firm casing that keeps all the Electrical Components inside cool and dry. Also, the board is fully water resistant to keep the skateboard intact and functioning well even after passing through water splashes.

This amazing 3D printed skateboard is powered by a Lifep04 battery pack. The pack comes along with a battery management system to allow for easy and completely safe charging. A 9v charger will be provided along the order for this skateboard that can make a full recharge in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. After recharging, it can go for a maximum range of 10 miles before the next recharge may be required.

The battery pack of the Electric Bubblegum has proved to be of super-great quality with an incredible 2000 charge lifecycle. This skateboard furthermore has an LED Voltage Meter, which makes it possible for the user to know exactly how much time they have left before they may need to recharge.

Controlling throttle, sensitivity, braking and general speed will be easy with this skateboard thanks to the use of the Wireless Wiimote Nunchuck controller. The skateboard features an Arduino board that can be easily and remotely controlled from the Wii Nunchuck part of its controller.

Not to mention, James and his team seem to have done a pretty good job to ensure the designs of the Electric Bubblegum are presentable and have admirable aesthetics.

Fully Customized Option

James is in addition offering fully customized electric boards on a limited time-scale. Backers who would like to go for this recourse will enjoy the opportunity to customize just about everything pertaining their Electric Bubblegum.

This option will allow backers to tailor the skateboard motor layout, shape of the board and color(s) to meet their exact preferences. These customized boards will also have higher top speeds thus could go for 15 miles before the next recharge.

These extra perks will nevertheless come at an extra cost raising the acquisition price to $1,300.

What Next After Kickstarter Project?

Well, the first phase of the Electric Bubblegum innovation according to James is to raise their target funding of $55,000 by 25th October, 2014. Only when this amount is raised will the project get in motion.

This money will be mainly used in buying essential parts of the skateboard in bulk to make the production costs even lower; plus a significant amount of the money will be put into buying the required 3D printers for printing the boards.

The team has also voiced their plans to improve the efficiency of the assembly process in order to reduce the time and overall cost of producing the boards. This will enable them respond to orders more quickly and generally provide exceptional quality and value to their customers.

So far a total of $24,392 has been raised. With only a week remaining to their closing date, it is the hope of this creative team that their Kickstarter funding goal will have been met so they can kickstart operations.

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