Amazing Objects Created By Additive Manufacturing

by Matthew Wellington on September 14, 2013

3D Printing, which is commonly referred to as Additive Manufacturing, has had a tremendous influence in the transformation of the manufacturing process. Unlike the traditional method of manufacturing, additive manufacturing allows one to create three dimensional objects using digital models.

The 3D objects are normally created by adding successive layers of the printing material until the fabrication of the desired object is complete. This is why it is typically called “Additive Manufacturing”.

The use of digital models in Manufacturing Prototypes and Products has made it possible for additive manufacturing to be used in fabricating virtually everything. 3D printing is now used to print even the most complex of models with exceptional accuracy.

Since all the designing is done on your PC and there are a number of Effective 3D Modeling Tools that can make it less taxing for you to create a digital model of the object you want to print. Through 3D printing, people have been able to make incredible 3D models and designs.

In the next few minutes, you are going to be introduced to some of the most astounding objects that have been created via additive manufacturing.

Smartphone Cases

iPhone CasesA lot of people who have 3D printers at home, no longer need to buy cases for their phones.

It is quite easy to create stunning cases for your smartphone or iPhone through additive manufacturing.

What’s even more exciting is you can use different filaments in order to have cases of all types and colors depending on your preferences.

This is actually one of the simplest things that can be created by 3D printing.

Jewellery & Fashion Accessories

JewelleryDo you have an intense taste for fashion?

If yes then you stand to benefit much from additive manufacturing as the technology is now being used to make Jewellery and Fashion Accessories.

Just the other day Shapeways made a cool-looking Three Dimensional Metal bracelet, which is a tip of the iceberg of what additive manufacturing can achieve.

The good thing is you can also print your own three dimensional bracelet even if you are using plastic materials; only that the bracelet or jewellery for that matter, may not be as strong.


ClothingShapeways also recently showcased a 3D printed dress that was presented by Dita Von Teese, the famous Burlesque Dancer.

The dress was designed using CAD software and fabricated by additive printing.

It was made from a nylon material but left a great impression on everyone that saw it.

Through this dress, Shapeways proved that additive manufacturing can be used to create custom made clothes for people provided the digital models are of the exact measurements of the person whom the dress or clothe is being made for.

The Liberator

LiberatorDespite the fact that additive manufacturing has had a reputation for creating unbelievable things, the Fabrication of the Liberator catapulted the technology to a whole new level.

The Liberator was the very first working three dimensional gun created by additive manufacturing.

The gun was even tested and found able to successfully fire a .380 caliber bullet (amunition). So against all odds it is really true that 3D Printing can be Used for Crime.


VehiclesAlbeit the technology is yet to be fully developed for it to be relied upon in mass manufacturing of cars, it can be used to create the external body of vehicles, like the 3D Printed Urbee Car.

The only thing that is still being analysed is how to improve the strength of 3D fabricated cars to ensure total safety in the event of a crash.

However once this is achieved, additive manufacturing will make cars less expensive hence provide a more frugal transport solution for people.


ProstheticsOne of the greatest applications of additive manufacturing has been in the medical field.

This technology has been proven to be able to create prosthetics for needy patients.

Some of the three dimensional prosthetics that have been created via this technology include jaw bone, hands and legs prosthetics.

All the patients that have been given 3D printed prosthetics have shown remarkable improvement and are virtually living normal lives.

Human Bones

Human BonesAdditive manufacturing has been used to create artificial human bones for quite a long period now.

The bones are currently made from Hydroxylapatite albeit scientists are still looking for a stronger material that will create stronger human bones.

The search also continues for a material that will be better accepted by the body than hydroxylapatite. Nonetheless patients who are victims of serious injuries can now be given artificial 3D created bones when necessary.

Other Body Parts

Body PartsToo many needy patients have suffered before because of lack of ready donors to donate the organs they required for treatment.

Additive manufacturing however is the solution that we have been waiting for.

Several tests have been done all of which have shown the incredible capability of Artificially Creating Human Body Parts using additive manufacturing.

Although human tests have still not been done; scientists have affirmed the ability of 3D printing to create body parts such as ears, kidneys and the liver.


FurnitureImagine how intriguing it will be to create your own furniture using your 3D printer back at home?

Despite the fact that 3D printing cannot create furniture of superior quality to the ones fabricated through the traditional manufacturing method yet, designers have already printed three-dimensional chairs and tables.

With some advancements done on the technology, we will soon be fabricating our own furniture.


ShoesShoes are among the Fashion Accessories that you can create through additive manufacturing.

At the moment though, 3D fabricated shoes are not so famous because the technology is still at infancy stages.

It is however expected that additive manufacturing will be fully capable of creating shoes for both genders in the years to come.

Food & Snacks

FoodThe Systems and Materials Research Corporation is building a 3D printer that can create nutritious foods.

During a test done by this organization, additive manufacturing was used to create meal cubes which contained balanced amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and Sugars.

The organization is hoping that this invention will significantly help to solve world hunger problems. In a similar case, a company known as Choc Edge has created a 3D Chocolate Printer famously known as the “Choc Creator”.

This printer basically uses chocolate as the printing material. Now once you have created a digital model on your PC, the printer heats up the chocolate and creates a chocolate 3D object same as the digital model you had designed. NASA are also in the process of developing 3D Food Printers for use in Space, starting with the humble pizza.

Isn’t this just amazing… and have we missed anything?

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Robert McLean September 14, 2013 at 10:56 am

Jason King,

Tycoon Software Ltd. Does your skills in programming restrict your interest in joining forces with others for the successful website development? I ask only because of my interest in 3d printing and 3d scanning.

I am guessing that your skills with software development allow your superior skills in website development.

Does reaching out to you make me a target, or is there room for collaboration?

Robert P. McLean


Jerry Ahern September 17, 2013 at 11:00 am

3d printing is surely the future of printing, 3D printing does comes with a lot of pros but the cons would that if designs are not copyrighted it would lead to piracy.


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