Amazons New ‘3D Printers and Supplies’ Section

by Matthew Wellington on June 25, 2013

Amazon 3D Printing StoreJust recently, Amazon set up a distinct section of its massive product store that will be exclusively used to sell 3D printers and supplies.

With this section in place, all home owners and businesses which are looking to purchase 3D printers or supplies will have an easier time shopping for what they require.

The 3D Printers and Supplies section will essentially ensure easy access to 3D printing supplies and printers. According to Amazon, although 3D printing technology is yet to become a mainstream technology, it is at the same time not far from it.

The technology is quickly spreading and a lot more people are beginning to develop a special interest in 3D printing. This growing market of 3D enthusiasts is what has prompted Amazon to think of creating a separate section that will be solely dealing with 3D printers and supplies.

Amazon is not the only retailer that has shown recognition of the growing market for 3D printers and supplies. Staples was actually considered the first retailer to make room for the supply of 3D printers and 3D printing accessories. Now that Amazon has joined in, there is a huge possibility that other recognized online retailers such as eBay may also create a similar section in the near future.

All this attention that 3D printing technology is receiving is a giant step in enlightening the public on the benefits 3D printing holds, both to businesses and in improving our daily lifestyles.

On top of that, since its introduction to the market, 3D printers have been well-known for their high prices. Albeit a lot has changed over the years, some people still shun away from the technology due to the perceived high costs of printers. Providing Low Priced and Affordable 3D Printers on Amazon will therefore help erase such negativity and eventually increase people’s receptiveness of the technology.

3D Printers Found on Amazon

Not all 3D printers will be sold on Amazon through this new section. Amazon plans only to sell 3D printers from renowned manufacturers. Consequently, expect to find 3D printers from leading manufacturers like 3D Systems and MarketBot only.

The most affordable 3D printer that you can buy on Amazon at the moment is the JET Replicator G, going for around $1100. This is an open source 3D printer though. However if you are looking for more advanced 3D printers, the MarketBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer is the best selection to settle for. Its price ranges from $2500-$3000.

These including the Airwolf3D and Fabbster 3D Printers, are so far the types of 3D printers that you’ll find selling on Amazon. Amazon has also stocked a number of Chinese 3D printers that are similarly good for home and business use.

Generally, Amazon targets at offering low cost brands that are economical and affordable to its retail customers. This is another important advantage of its new 3D printers and supplies section as it gives willing buyers the opportunity to know of the cheapest 3D printers available hence get to enjoy frugal deals and offers.

In addition, used 3D printers will equally be sold on Amazon making prices even more pocket friendly. While purchasing a brand new 3D printer can be a little beyond what your budget can allow, used 3D printers are often quite cheap.

3D Printing Supplies

For individuals and businesses that already have their own 3D printers, Amazon’s new 3D printers and supplies section will be beneficial in making printers and accessories more available. One of the challenges of using 3D printers has occasionally been the hardship of finding a reliable source of 3D printing supplies.

Considering that not many retailers both online and offline, have well stocked stores offering such supplies, for some people getting the right supplies one needs for their 3D printer has not really been a walk in the park. The good thing is, with this new section Amazon has created, not only does one know where to go to when in need of 3D printers but one can also get all the supplies required at one place.

3D printer parts and accessories are some of the basic supplies that can now be bought on Amazon. Essentially when building your own 3D printer, shopping on Amazon will make your work easier by ensuring you quickly find all the fundamental parts. Moreover, the supplies section will be providing PLA and ABS 3D printer filaments as well.

A significant percentage of the 3D printers used in many homes and businesses today use either PLA or ABS printing materials. If your printer uses any of these materials, you can be easily and conveniently purchasing them from Amazon.

Last but not least, Amazon currently sells 3D Printing Software (CAD) and books in the supplies section. Each of these supplies can be delivered to your doorstep in a few days after an order is placed.

Why a New Separate Section?

There are a myriad of benefits that the new 3D printers and supplies section will bring along. For starters, the fact that one will be able to shop for both printers, parts and accessories all at the same place will definitely boost buyers’ experience on Amazon.

You no longer will need to purchase printer parts or accessories from different places. It is believed that the ease of finding whatever you want will to a great extent encourage and assist the spread of 3D printing technology.

Cubify 3D printers for instance, regularly require consumable supplies. Given that Amazon has all the basic supplies that the conventional 3D printer may need; this new separate section will sure prove handy.

Overall though, creation of this new section by Amazon clearly shows that 3D printing is highly likely to become the next world-shattering technology.

More so, with better and cheap models appeared into the market; 3D printers are becoming more accessible to the general population. Home-based 3D printers are also increasing the acceptability of 3D printing technology by the masses due to their low prices but efficient functionalities. 3D printing technology certainly isn’t far from becoming the next big and basic technology across homes and industries.

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