Abdul Rehman

27 Year Old Tumor Patient Receives 3D Printed Shoulder

June 22, 2015

3D printing, long considered as a technology confined to laboratories and research facilities, has only recently started to find revolutionary applications. The field of medicine is one of the first to benefit from these applications. Last month, we told you about the potential of 3D printing to possibly revolutionize the field of Prosthetics and Implants. […]

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3D Printed Solar Motors Run Continuously for 100 Years

June 12, 2015

Ever since the invention of the steam engine, humans have been searching for better, more convenient sources of energy to power their machines. Today, the most commonly used source of energy is fossil fuel, such as oil, coal and gas. However, fossil fuel is running low because of its ever-increasing demand. Furthermore, its use causes […]

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Airbus Use Over 1,000 3D Printed Parts for A350 Aircraft

May 31, 2015

The ancient man saw birds soaring in the sky and though envious of their flight remarked “If God had wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings” in order to content himself. However, he didn’t realize that God had gifted him with a far greater asset: a curious and creative mind. Today’s era […]

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NecropSynth: Anatomical Models for Science & Education

April 15, 2015

We all remember that frog in our biology classroom that we dissected so eagerly to learn about the inner workings of living organisms. However, while the procedure increased our knowledge, it left us with a feeling of guilt for sacrificing the ill-fated frog in the name of education. Dissection of animals (termed necropsy) has been […]

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Hobbes the Three Legged Dog to Receive 3D Printed Leg

April 3, 2015

Over the past decade, additive printing has introduced several new prospects to the field of medicine. The things that were considered science fiction not long ago, have since become reality. Bioprinted Tissues and Organs are visible at the horizon and are giving hope to thousands of patients waiting for organ donations. Recently, however, a new medical prospect […]

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Clear Your Driveway with a 3D Printed RC Snow Blower

March 7, 2015

Flakes of snow falling from a white sky can appear beautiful and poetic. But once on the ground, snow can prove to be quite inconvenient. As roads get covered in feet of snow, transport is severely affected. It becomes impossible to drive; even walking becomes a challenge. Life comes to a halt until large expensive machines […]

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