Book Review: 3D Printing – The Next Industrial Revolution

by Jason King on April 27, 2014

3D Printing by Christopher BarnattIn the past few years I’ve read 30+ books about business and written reviews for other websites about quite a few of them.

However, this book by Christopher Barnatt is the first book about 3D printing I’ve ever read.

This is partly because there’s not a great deal of 3D printing books out there (although this is changing quickly) and partly because I’m now a big fan of acquiring information from other sources like blogs, social media and Podcasts.

So, why did I choose this book? That’s a good question. The truth is I’ve not read any books for a few months and maybe I thought it was about time I did.

I also decided this book might be a good one to review as it seems to be aimed at my target audience, the 3D printing beginner. It was also a good test of what I thought I already knew about 3D printing. Would this book just recap information which I knew already or would it add to my existing knowledge?

Well, it was certainly an interesting read. It was very easy to understand and although I already knew a lot of information it contained (which is understandable I guess) I did still learn a lot from it and Christophers views on how 3D printing might affect the future of our planet are something which no-one could really predict.

What I particularly liked about the book is that it provides a well balanced overview of the 3D printing world right now. Everything from 3D printing technologies (and there are lots of those), the Maker Movement and the wide array of 3D printing manufacturers and service providers are all covered.

Christopher Barnatt is a futurist, so it was inevitable he’d dedicate a chapter or so to explain how 3D printing would affect our future. He also explains that due to the state the world will be in by 2030, additive manufacturing is exactly what we’re going to need to cope with our increasing demand on resources and their increasingly diminishing supply.

I also love the fact that he dedicated an entire chapter to Bioprinting to explain how companies like Organovo could dramatically change the future of the medical world.

I agree with this whole heatedly and of all the areas in which 3D printing is being used, I personally find bioprinting to be the most exciting. It’s not only it’s potential that amazes me, but what we’re already capable of doing in this field is more than I had realised before.

Christopher has written a number of other books about technology and the future, two things I’m interested in myself so I will be reading more of his books. I like his writing style and his work is a joy to read.

Can I recommend this book?

For the beginner, definitely! For the expert, you’ll still enjoy reading it, you’ll learn something new and it makes a great reference book. So yes, I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in additive manufacturing.

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