Boy Arrested for Hoax Bomb Gets 3D Printer from Microsoft

by Willy Matsiri on October 20, 2015

Ahmed MohamedIt’s not every day that a 9th grade student gets escorted out of school in cuffs with an Alpha police team standing on guard right?

Well, Ahmed Mohamed has a whole different story to tell.

Ahmed, who lives in Irving Texas with his family, recently appeared at MacArthur High School on a Monday morning rather ecstatic to show his teacher the DIY clock circuit he had made using pencil casing. The young lad had expected to wow his teacher and possibly get a pat on the back; he was in for a big surprise.

Unfortunately, his teacher did not share the same amusement that Ahmed had about the circuit clock. According to Ahmed, the teacher perceived this as a threat to her which is how Ahmed won a fast trip ticket to the detention centre. Apparently, he was arrested for committing the Crime of creating a hoax bomb (fake bomb) but he was later on released without charges.

So why was he arrested in the first place? Considering the circuit clock was home-made right from Ahmed’s basement, it had exposed wires and on the surface looked like a bomb especially if you are a layman in this sort of thing. However, what’s interesting is the fact that someone should have figured out that if it was a bomb he wouldn’t have wanted to show it to his teacher. Actually, according to the police; the circuit clock could have easily been mistaken for a bomb had it been left somewhere in the open or put under a car.

While this is certainly valid argument, Ahmed had been very open about the clock and had not attempted to hide it at any one time. In addition, the clock didn’t have any explosive which is actually what makes a bomb you know, a bomb. This led to a lot of public outcry since most people saw the whole scene as discrimination based on the religion and race of the student. But amidst all these chaos, Ahmed’s cloud was about to develop a silver lining.

How About Some Real Tools this Time

When Ahmed was arrested, the story of a teenage boy detained for fears of creating a hoax bomb was the hot topic of many news broadcasts across the country. After interrogations in the detention centre however, the truth was unveiled and it was discovered that ‘the bomb’ was merely a circuit clock. From that point things took a different turn for Ahmed as he soon got from ‘alleged bomb maker’ to ‘National techgeek hero’.

Ahmed Mohamed ClockMany of the giant companies in the tech industry were touched by this young boy’s story and soon enough there was a popular hashtag trending on social media, #IStandWithAhmed.

He started receiving applauses and encouragements from practically all tech titans in the country commending him for the good job he was doing.

Of course, not everyone was happy with the popularity that this young Muslim boy had got famous literally overnight and some were quick to point out that what he had created was a rudimentary Clock and not really a new scientific invention.

Microsoft, one of the world’s most revered tech companies, nonetheless was particularly intrigued by Ahmed’s circuit clock. On seeing the simple clock made by this student, Microsoft was eager to see just what Ahmed could create given the right tools and equipment. Having heard the boy’s ambition of being an engineer, the world’s largest techgeek thought it may be time to put some real tools on Ahmed’s hands and see what he does with them.

Consequently, Microsoft sent Ahmed a huge package full of tech gifts through Alia Salem; who has been there with Mohamed accompanying him to all TV interviews ever since this whole saga began. Alia Salem is the executive director of Dallas Council on American-Islamic Relations. She delivered the following tech goodies from Microsoft to Ahmed:

  • A $1,300 Cube 3D Printer accompanied with cartridges and filaments
  • The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 worth around $1,400
  • A Raspberry Pi
  • An Office 365 Subscription
  • And, a Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker
  • Many other miscellaneous software and accessories came along this package.

It’s estimated that the whole lot costed close to $3,850.

Unexpected Fame

Sitting in the interrogation room at the detention centre being questioned about an alleged bomb everyone thinks you’ve created, the future seemed pretty grime at that moment for the 14 year old student who was only looking for his teacher’s approval. Now however, there couldn’t be any other person with a promising future than Ahmed Mohamed.

Everyone wants to be his BFF going all the way to the top from the White House. Here’s President’s Obama’s tweet to Ahmed:

“Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

If you still can’t believe your eyes you should see many more invites and praises sent Ahmed’s way from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Aaron Levie. Not to mention, Ahmed has received around $15,000 worth of scholarships and numerous internship offers.

Ahmed Mohamed GadgetsThis means not only is his future education amibitions covered but he also has a multiple places to go and begin his internship from.

With companies like Facebook on your corner, saying the future is promising actually looks like an understatement.

The question in everyone’s mind now is if Ahmed could create a cool Circuit clock with little to no tools and only pencil casing to rely on, what could he do now that he has the best of tools and equipment to use not forgetting the support of the rest of the world? Time will tell.

Despite the fact Ahmed had been suspended by his school after his arrest concerning the hoax bomb rumor, it’s no doubt that he will still be the famous kid around because not every other student gets invited to the white house, receives gifts from Microsoft or has the Facebook CEO asking for a face to face meetup.

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