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Object Weight (grams):
Printing Time (hours):
Electricity Tariff (£/kWh):
Printer Power (Watts):
Filament Cost (£/kg):
Printer Purchase (£):
Printer Lifetime (years):
Daily Usage (hours):
Repairs Costs (%):
Other Costs (£):
Failure Rate (%):
Total Cost (£):

 Note: £ is GBP but use any currency, it makes no difference to the calculations as long as you use the same currency throughout.

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Note: I do ask for a small contribution for my efforts, because as you can imagine this thing took some time and effort to create. There's more about this spreadsheet in the video below...

To find out how this calculator was created and how to use it, check out this 3D Printing Costs Blog Post I wrote about it or my YouTube video below...

This 3D printing costs calculator was written for UK pounds sterling, however it works with ANY currency.

If you have suggestions on how to improve this calculator, then please feel free to Contact Me Here.