DIY 3D Printers You Can Afford

by Jason King on December 16, 2012

RepRap DIY Printer KitMany different DIY 3D printer kits are available at the moment. They all come unassembled and require you to assemble and calibrate them yourself. The advantage of this is that it keeps the cost down and allows the you to obtain useful knowledge about how these self assembly devices work.

DIY 3D printers are fast becoming much more affordable and are finding extensive uses in many different industries. Most large companies today want to use 3D printing to help make better products. It is only recently that smaller companies and individuals can afford to design and print physical objects too.

Already many universities and colleges around the world are equipping their labs with Printer Kits to use as valuable educational tools as part of their courses. Until recently, we were putting up with nasty bumps and bubbles left on the surface of object made by consumer-level printers. But not any more. Thanks to the advanced technology used in DIY printers, the amazing 3D printing revolution is now sweeping the world.

Already steps are being taken to bring down the consumer price bracket by stepping up technology. MIT students have already released a three dimensional printer for about £2000 that make use of laser beam to draw on a liquid plastic resin to create shapes. Advanced units are even capable of doing much more. For instance, the University of Southern California is making use of these printers to construct houses from concrete and one researcher has used lasers to make an exact replica of London’s Tower Bridge.

The new trend of 3D printing will lead to more niche manufacturing and create really customised products. Now, for example, instead of spending days and travelling miles to find a certain part for your car, you can already download a file from the web and make the part yourself.

If you are thinking of buying and building a self build 3D printer, then you can find one for about £2,000, or even less in many cases. The prices of these printers is already dropping as laboratories in universities and companies have begun using them more as research equipment. These printers are often open source which means that the users can modify the available designs. Students can get actively involved and gain hands on experience in design principles.

3D printer kits are a cost effective alternative for many schools or colleges and students can learn and have fun while building them too. Designs can be created or downloaded and those printers which are part of open source projects are even capable of making some of their own parts.

These printers are not a solution for every manufacturing problem at present. But with continued improvements in technology and further lowering in costs, one could see the more cost effective self build printers become very popular with consumers in the next few years.

So go ahead and be a part of this new printing revolution. Imagine downloading designs and seeing them appear on your own DIY 3D printer, which you built yourself. Soon we’ll all have one in our homes and out current reliance on Third Party Printing Services will be reduced.

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