The First Full 3D Print of the RC Land Yacht Project

by Jason King on August 4, 2017

3D Printed Land Yacht PartsAfter spending some time designing, 3D printing and tweaking all the parts for my RC 3D Printed Land Yacht Project I thought it was about time I tested the prototype yacht and did a full print of all the parts.

Yesterday was a windy day here in the UK, so I took the prototype outside for a spin.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was impressed that everything worked and even after a few accidents nothing broke! The steering was responsive and the sail control worked just fine. Having never driven/sailed/flown (whatever the term is) one of these things before I wasn’t too sure about the controls but what I am sure about is that when the wind blew it really shifted.

I didn’t measure the speed but I couldn’t have kept up with it running that’s for sure so it was fast enough for me. I did tip it over a few times but a longer rear axle… or just a bit more sailing skill would have prevented that. It was fun to see it on two wheels when cornering though.

3D Printing the Land Yacht

3D Printed Land Yacht WheelsAs I write this blog post all of the parts are 3D printed, except for the wheels which are printing right now. There are sixteen different 3D printable parts, but some of them have to be 3D printed more than once, the wheels for example.

Right at the top of this blog post is a picture of one of each part, with the old orange wheel added for completeness. I’ve also created a full parts list with details of the 3D printed parts, electronics, and screws/bearings, etc.

This parts list is subject to change when I build the complete yacht and make any further tweaks, but I doubt it’ll change too much.

All in all it’s surprising how few parts are required and how quick it is to print the whole thing. Only a few parts require supports but I’m working on ways to tweak them so no supports are needed.

It’s also quite light and uses 8mm squared doweling for the chassis, rear axle, mast and boom. This makes it strong, light and very cheap to make. These were my design criteria right from day one.

What’s Next on the Plan

Land Yacht Draft Parts List

Click the image to read it…

Yes, I do have a real plan now for the completion of this project, printed out (in traditional 2D) and pinned up in my office. The next step is to build the complete yacht, re-test and tweak it, then release the first draft for test prints.

So, if anyone wants to volunteer to 3D print some or all of the parts then let me know and I’ll add you to my alpha testing volunteers list.

From the alpha testing feedback I’ll make more tweaks and then the plan is to upload version one to Thingiverse, with the final parts list so anyone can download and 3D print it.

Oh, the wheels have now finished printing so that’s all the parts 3D printed and ready. Time to grab another length of 8mm dowel and build this thing from scratch. Exciting times are ahead!

Thanks for reading and feel free to check back here regularly for further Land Yacht Project updates.

Quick update: I just noticed that 4 screws are required, not 3 as the parts list says. Well I told you it was a draft 🙂

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