Full Colour 3D Printing Has Finally Arrived

by Matthew Wellington on May 25, 2013

Full Colour 3D Printed ObjectsFor quite a long time, lack of colour printing options has been a great limitation of 3D printing. Most of the classical 3D printers were monochrome with only a few capable of printing coloured objects.

Even those that could print coloured models were pre designed to only print a particular range of colours.

Although 3D printing was still used to produce complex and breathtaking prototypes, the absence of colour denied most 3D fabricated objects life and veracity. But not any more. Full Colour 3D printing has finally arrived.

3D Systems recently announced the availability of the ProJet x60 series of 3D printers. The introduction of the ProJet x60 printers marked a new phase of 3D printers due to their unparalleled colour printing abilities.

3D Systems’ ColorJet Printing technology is playing a significant role in giving the ProJet x60 printers their unmatched colour printing edge. On top of that, the printers are designed to use VisiJet PXL materials which enhance their colour printing accuracy and enable the printers to print at high resolutions.

3D Systems is now urging companies and designers all over the world to consider investing in this modern full colour 3D printer.

Features of the ProJet x60 Printers

The ProJet x60 printers have many outstanding features. The printers for instance can take inputs sent through various file formats such as 3DS, VRML and STL among many others. The benefit this has is that it gives designers a scope of options when using the printer. So you can go for a file format that you best prefer without fretting about whether or not it is acceptable to your 3D printer.

The ProJet x60 also comes with a ‘Print 3D App’ which allows for mobile connections to be made. In this time and age where many people have smartphones and tablet PCs, mobile connectivity is becoming extremely important. With this printer, you will therefore have the opportunity to connect the printer with your smartphone or tablet computer and get to enjoy mobile usage.

Compared to conventional 3D printers which only printed selected colours, the full colour printing and exceptional accuracy of the ProJet x60 makes it possible for 3D enthusiasts to fabricate more real Objects and Prototypes.

A full colour prototype created by this printer is able to attract willing investors to your project better than a black and white prototype can. Basically with this printer, your imagination is the limit as far as colour preference and choice is concerned.

Why Purchase the ProJet x60?

Being currently one of the most cutting-edge 3D printers in the market, investing in a ProJet x60 type of printer can be a Quite Costly. But purchasing this printer is still something you may want to consider if you really want to deliver value to your customers.

First of all, bear in mind that the ProJet x60 can print about 90% of the colours you can find on Adobe Photoshop. More advanced models like the ProJet 660Pro and the ProJet 860Pro in addition offer over 6 million colour varieties.

Imagine what you could do with such an array of colours at your disposal! With the opportunity of giving each object a unique taste of colour and visual appeal, how many different objects would you be able to create? By literally removing colour limitations from your shoulders, the printer not only permits you to create a vast range of objects but it also makes it easier for you to satisfy many more clients despite their varied colour preferences.

Reduced material wastage is yet another benefit of buying ProJet x60 series 3D printers. Some of the models such as the ProJet 360 and the ProJet 460Plus have inbuilt automated material recycling process that lower material wastages. As a result, compared to ordinary 3D printers, ProJet x60 printers are more economical because of their reduced material usage.

You should also purchase the ProJet x60 3D printer as it guarantees faster and more efficient full colour 3D printing. Overall, the printers speed for vertical printing goes to up to 20mm per hour with the speed in advanced models being much higher. So besides producing beautifully coloured objects and prototypes, the printer additionally fabricates and prints objects faster than your normal 3D printer can.

For companies that are constantly under the pressure to deliver huge orders, this printer enables you to meet the expected deadlines promptly.

botObjects’ ProDesk3D

The ProJet x60 is not the only 3D printer that you can buy for full colour 3D printing. botObjects has also invented their own colour 3D printer called the ProDesk3D. ProDesk3D is a compact desktop 3D printing machine. It has an exquisite exterior look and is highly presentable. Generally it is just the kind of 3D printer you would love to have on your desk.

However unlike the ProJet x60 which mainly relies on the ColorJet Printing Technology for 3D colour printing, the ProDesk3D incorporates the use of a cartridge system. The cartridge has five primary colours which are mixed to provide a full colour range when printing.

The printer essentially uses coloured PLA materials. During the printing, the printer mixes the coloured PLA materials to obtain the specific colour combinations that you desire for the object. PLA is also a suitable material because of its biodegradable nature.

ProDesk3D can print objects at a fairly high resolution and accuracy. botObjects claims the printer can print objects of up to 25 microns thin.


Since the price of the ProDesk3D full colour printer is yet to be announced, it’s important to wait and compare its price to that of the ProJet x60 before choosing which one to buy. But the most integral thing to consider between the two is their individual functionalities and whether or not they have relevant features that fully meet your needs.

Nonetheless now that full colour 3D printing is possible, it is highly anticipated that more creatively designed objects and prototypes will be created. It is no doubt that full colour 3D printers have taken 3D printing technology notches higher. To entrepreneurs, this is the much awaited opportunity to start using 3D printing to fabricate quality multicoloured final products to sell to the public.

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