Grismont Paris 3D Prints Luxury Custom Golf Clubs

by Willy Matsiri on January 20, 2016

3D Printed Grismont Golf ClubsFor most people playing golf is not only an interesting way of spending leisure time but it also involves meaningful physical activity with the bonus of making life a little more glamorous too.

Not to mention the mental challenge that comes with hitting the ball into the hole is often thrilling to most golfers.

Similar to many other sports, improving your skill level when playing golf has a lot to do with the type of equipment you’re using, especially your golf club. The question is do you have the right golf club? Well, Grismont Paris is 3D printing luxury custom golf clubs making now the best time to acquire your ideal golf club.

Grismont Paris has come up with a unique and exemplary line of limited edition, custom-made golf clubs with unprecedented aesthetics that are guaranteed to make you stand out among your golf friends. Imagine a 3D printed golf club head with luxury finishing options where you can choose from either gold, copper or metal! That is exactly what Grismont Paris is offering to every golfer out there.

Grismont Paris is a popular company in France that was founded by Clement Pouget-Osmont, a passionate golfer and technophile. Clement came to know about 3D printing technology a few years ago and soon afterwards began using additive manufacturing to design custom-made golf club heads for some of his friends, right from his Parsian apartment. Several years into the future, his brand has evolved incredibly.

Clement has managed to turn golf club-making into an actual science by seeking the help of various professionals such as 3D printing specialists, artists, engineers and craftsmen. Through the relentless efforts of his team of experts, Grismont has succeeded in designing cutting-edge golf club heads that have been 100% personalized to match the needs of each and every golfer.

The Designing Process

These custom designed golf club heads from Grismont Paris are a product of a unique combination of state-of-the art engineering, luxury artisanship and use of Metal 3D Printing Technology. The designing process begins with liasing with traditional ‘club-makers’ like Jean-Michel Queva and Nicolas Tourkia, who is in charge of the management of l’Atelier de Golf in Paris.

The partnership between Grismont and École National Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Paris (ENSAM), was also instrumental in the designing process as they have skilful engineers who played a big role in testing the aerodynamics, ballistics and general resistance of each of the custom made golf clubs.

Working with these leading engineers was important in testing, weighing and measuring practically every aspect of the golf clubs such as their loft, center of gravity, offset and their lie. The reason for this great level of scrutiny and precision is because every golfer is unique and needs a golf club that is perfect for their style and needs.

Thanks to the technology used by Grismont Paris, every golf club made is personalized and designed to match every little bit of specification provided by an individual golfer. Clement believes that it is this level of detail observed in designing the golf clubs that will enable an individual golfer to see their game rise to a whole new level.

Clement’s line of golf clubs comprises of three main lavishly designed club heads: Ori, Cés, and Air. All the three are available from the Bespoke French Brand.

Leading 3D Digital Artists

Pouget-Osmont’s main plan was to make the golf clubs in significantly small series with the collaboration of several artists. However, for Grismont Paris to develop this newest collection of Grismont irons, he knew he had to work with the best artists in the industry.

Fortunately, he had come across the work of Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques (one of the most renowned 3D digital artists) online and had instantly fallen in love with their work. This is how he knew these two would be perfect to work with in designing his custom made golf club heads, particularly since they were famous for their complex 3D printed sculptures.

Clement therefore went ahead and proposed his idea to Linlin and Pierre-Yves. Long story short, they accepted to work with him and together with his technical team were able to come up with the first digital sculpt.

They 3D printed each driving iron through a Rapid Prototyping service in Belfort which primarily specializes in metal 3D printing using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and raw metal powders called BV Proto. To ensure that the final designs were as attractive as possible, Pouget-Osmont preferred to have Gold, copper and other metals as the only finishing options.

Price for a Single Custom Golf Club

Due to this lengthy expert-managed process and the use of highly advanced metal 3D printing technology, the end result is often beautifully crafted driving irons that are a flawless display of Ancient Oriental art.

While the golf club heads do not exactly cost a fortune to acquire, golfing with this exceptionally manufactured Grismont Bespoke irons does come at a solid price.

On average, you will need to part with 1500 Euros to get yourself one. Keep in mind though that the price will largely depend on the specifications you want and the finishing you choose too. For instance, one of the gold-plated numbers is said to have a price tag of 4000 Euros.

Although that is certainly not pocket change, it is worth noting that with such a golf club you will definitely win the envy of any golf player even the PGA heroes.

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