iBox Nano: The World’s Smallest and Cheapest 3D Printer

by Matthew Wellington on November 24, 2014

iBox Nano 3D Resin PrinterImagine you own a 3D printer measuring only 4 × 3 × 8 inches, weighing just about 3Ibs and bearing the lowest price tag you can currently find in the market!

Well, no need to trouble yourself with wishful thinking anymore. The iBox Nano is already a reality.

Although ever since 3D technology got popular many new 3D printers have been popping up; there is none so far that can outshine the iBox Nano. To start with, it is the smallest and cheapest 3D Resin printer today.

This means that not only can you easily move around with the printer but you also don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire it like most other previous models.

The iBox Nano is fully equipped and designed to meet the 3D printing needs of the home-based user. For example, most home users of 3D printers only have a relatively small space where they intend to position their 3D printer. The iBox Nano proves to be ideal as it does not consume any more space than you are willing to spare compared to other printers.

According to the creators of this incredible 3D printer; they had set a goal of creating a printer that was small, portable, quiet and inexpensive. Looking at the iBox Nano today, that goal has been met.

3D connoisseurs clearly are excited about this printer. Evidence of the public appreciation of this printer can be seen through the great response the project is receiving on Kickstarter. The iBox Nano has already surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $300,000 by over $150,000.

The iBox Nano is going to give many of the other 3D printing machines a real run for their money – no doubt about it. Here are reasons why this small printer has got many people fired up…

Great Material Choice & Design

iBox Nano is made from Laser Cut Precision Acrylic. This material looks almost like glass, only difference is it is over 15 times stronger than ordinary glass and bears virtually half the weight of typical glass.

This is one of the many reasons why this printer is highly portable. The unique selection and use of advanced materials in designing the outer structure of the iBox Nano gives it an exquisite outer form while at the same time maintaining a robust and durable structure.

Wi-Fi Supported Printing

The iBox Nano is WiFi enabled, making it possible for users to carry on with printing without necessarily being tethered to the printer. What’s more is that it also supports browser-based 3D printing and does not limit you to only 1 or 2 Operating Systems as many 3D printers do.

With this 3D printer, users can basically print their designs from whatever browser they are using. It doesn’t matter whether you are using your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or any other Android device. You have total browser freedom to choose where to print from.

High Resolution Printer

Conventionally, most high resolution 3D printers have been costing a lot. When it comes to the iBox Nano however, the printer offers high resolutions at a jaw-dropping price. It can print at 328 microns Resolution X-Y and can attain up to 0.39 microns on the Z axis.

Now here is the best part, other printers which can match these High Resolutions such as the Form 1; cost over $3000. The price for the iBox Nano is more like $300. About a tenth of the total cost of other high resolution 3D printers that you will find in the market.

Mobile 3D Printing

Are you the type of person who is always on the go? No problem, the iBox Nano is created for people like you as you can just put it in your backpack and be on your way. The printer is not only small enough but light as well weighing approximately 3 pounds.

If you think about it, there are some laptops that actually weigh more than it does. And since it is WiFi enabled, you do not have to tether it to your PC to be able to use it. So no need of USB cables or any other wires that you may find bothersome to bring along while on the move.

Mobility of the iBox Nano is made even easier considering the fact that there is a battery option. The battery lasts for about 9-10 hours meaning it can support a full day use at the office, school, library or wherever you are going to. If you compare its weight with Form 1, which almost had the same resolution as iBox Nano, you will be shocked because Form 1 weighs up to 18 pounds.

Reduced Noise Pollution

iBox Nano is the quietest Resin 3D printer presently available. The thing is most Resin 3D printers use the DLP Technology. The problem with this technology is that a cooling fan must be there; running 100% of the time the printer is working, to cool down DLP projector bulbs and increase their working life.

The cooling fan usually makes a significant amount of noise, which can be pretty much annoying especially if you are using the printer at home or anywhere close to you. iBox Nano has a very low power usage hence produces very little heat making it able to operate without a cooling fan. You therefore won’t have to worry about having to tolerate noise coming from the cooling fan.

When compared to other printers for instance Form 1 and RepRap Prusa: while iBox Nano produces only 29 decibels of noise, Form 1 and RepRap Prusa produce 54 and 71 decibels respectively.

Low Maintenance Costs

A great percentage of Resin 3D printers use DLP Technology thus have DLP projector bulbs. The lifespan of these bulbs ranges from 2000-9000 hours of use after which they need replacement. They do not come cheap so replacing them calls for the user to part with a couple hundreds of dollars.

iBox Nano on the other hand, uses Ultra Violet LEDs which can last for over 55,000 working hours. This is equivalent to almost 20 years of use working for a maximum of 7-8 hours daily.

Best Power Usage

While Form 1 and Utilmaker 2 use 60 watts and 221 watts of power respectively during printing; iBox Nano uses an average of 3 watts during printing. Low power usage makes optional batteries to last you longer, not forgetting that you can purchase 10-20 hour optional battery packs.


If you have been looking for the perfect 3D printer to use at home: iBox Nano can be a good choice to consider. It is easy to use, small and compact, portable, a beautiful addition to your home office and is most of all, inexpensive. For more 3D printers which are under $500 check out the Printrbot Range.

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