iSense iPad 3D Scanner Available for Pre-Order

by Abdul Rehman on July 9, 2014

iSense iPad 3D ScannerIf you were impressed by the preview of the iSense 3D Scanner by 3D Systems at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), then you might just love to hear that the iSense scanner for iPadis is finally out and available for preorder.

The iSense 3D Scanner has been designed as a compact device that you can easily attach to your iPad immediately transforming it into a lightweight and portable scanner. The scanner is powered by the popular Sense Scanning Software by 3D Systems. In order to provide fast complete scans in a matter of seconds and make the visual capture process a lot simpler for users, the iSense iPad 3D scanner is programmed to scan wirelessly.

Another impressive fact about the device is that it enables users to conduct high quality scans without necessarily having to remain at a stand still position. This is an important advancement of the device because users will no longer have to fret about making quality scans in situations where they cannot remain stationary.

So once you have attached the iSense properly on your device, the user can freely move around and capture any moment that they would like to have a recording of or relive in the future. The best part is not only can the device capture events and memorable moments in digital form but it also can enable you to readily 3D print whatever scans you have captured.

For this reason, iSense is perfect for all 3D printing aficionados who would like to be capturing digital images of events, moments and their loved ones while on the go. Keeping in mind that it is among the most recent additions to the 3D Systems consumer offering, the device fully integrates with Cubify thus you can easily upload scans to Cubify for cloud printing whenever necessary. The printing materials that Cubify avails include Aluminix, Clear and Ceramix.

iSense iPad 3D Scanner is a lot different from the initial Sense Scanner. The original Sense Scanner was a bulky device that would not have made it possible for users to freely move around with it. However the iSense is an exceptionally compact device that instantly connects to the camera of your iPad and after that it is ready for use.

The device also works unlike other conventional scanners, which often require the user to place the object to be scanned on top of the device. When using iSense, all you have to do is move the device around the object or person you would like to scan and in just a few seconds it will have captured everything you want it to.

Presently, preorders are being made at the Cubify Website. Commercial deliveries of all preorders made will commence from mid July 2014.

Design & Specifications

iSense has a reasonably small size measuring 119.2 × 27.9 × 29mm with a minimum scan volume of 0.2 × 0.2 × 0.2m and a maximum scan volume of 3 × 3 × 3m. The scanner weighs approximately 99.2grams so it is clearly a lightweight device that won’t affect the portability of your iPad in any way.

It can produce a color image size of 320 × 240 (QVGA) and has a field of view of 58° Horizontal and 42° Vertical. Its image throughput is 30 frames per second (fps). The operating range of the device lies on a minimum of 0.4m and a maximum of 3.5m. What’s more, the scanner has a reasonably good battery life that can last at least 1000+ hours while on Standby mode and 3-4 hours when carrying out active scans.

The device supports operating systems iOS 7 and later. It is compatible with iPad 4 with Retina display, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.

Basic Features

Are you planning the perfect vacation and are not sure how you can preserve those beautiful memories you are going to have with your family? Well your iPad alone will not be enough but if you additionally bring along your brand new iSense, you will have no trouble capturing every event vividly in 3D digital form.

The 3D Systems iSense iPad scanner comes with a stunning feature set that guarantees you of the best scans. Here is a sneak peek at the features you are going to savor with this device.

  • Big and Small Scans – Thanks to the versatility of its scan range, the iSense for iPad 3D scanner can capture and scan pretty much everything from Small Objects of the size of a shoe to large virtually gigantic ones as big as an SUV. The device has optimized settings that best equip it for scanning both large and small objects.
  • Automatic Object Recognition – Everyone can scan still objects or those that are partially in motion. But capturing precise images from busy backgrounds often proves to be quite daunting. Well, not unless you have the iSense! This device has an automatic object recognition feature which makes it possible for the user to capture almost anything they want regardless of how busy the background is.
  • Easy Editing – Usually, capturing images is easy but the devil lies with editing them and doing the imperative Preps for 3D Printing. As a result iSense is loaded with all the editing tools and features you may need to ensure quick and stress free edits. These include enhancement, solidifying and quick cropping tools.
  • 3D Printing – Taking a digital image of an event can be good but wouldn’t it be better to have a physical replica of the same with you? To allow you to convert your digital images into physical forms; the iSense 3D scanner is fully integrated with Cubify and your home/office Cube 3D Printer making it possible to upload all your scans directly for printing through the cloud.
  • Mobile Scanning – iSense has an integrated compact design that easily makes it become part of your iPad. Its lightweight nature makes moving around with it less tiresome and you will hardly even notice you have the device on your iPad. This is what makes it ideal for a person on the go because it enables mobile scanning allowing you to take scans of your family, friends and events just as they happen all in 3D.

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gianni February 11, 2015 at 7:31 am

I bought a unit back in early December, the unit is a complete waste of money and doesn’t perform anywhere close to the videos on their website. So bad I even asked for my money back but was told they have a strict no-return policy.


Jason King February 11, 2015 at 9:30 am

Thanks for letting us know about this. A strict no returns policy sounds unfair and suspicious to me. If they were confident about selling a quality product they wouldn’t need such a policy. I’d be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this scanner.


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