Making the OpenRC F1 Car Designed by Daniel Noree

by Jason King on January 20, 2016

OpenRC F1 Car WhiteThe OpenRC Project is an open source initiative which is the brainchild of 3D printing and design legend Daniel Noree.

Some of his creations which form part of this project are the OpenRC 1:10 4WD Truggy and the OpenRC 1:10 4WD Touring Car, with his latest addition being the OpenRC Formula 1 Car.

As part of my ongoing vision to encourage more people to become involved in 3D printing (see my About Page for details my 3D printing vision), I’ve been looking for a slightly more ambitious project than the stuff I was doing in 2015.

I needed a project which would be fun to 3D print, fun to build, interesting to write about and rewarding to design new and improved parts for. This project seemed ideal for me and I’m sure it’ll inspire others like yourself to become more involved in 3D Printing, Designing and Inventing.

So far the biggest project I’ve taken on along these lines was the 3D Printed PLA Spring Powered Car, which although fun to make and use, isn’t half as cool as a radio controlled F1 car!

Why Did I Choose this Project?

Firstly I used to race 1:10 radio controlled buggies long ago, about 25 years ago in fact, so I’ve always loved RC cars. I’m also the proud owner of a Kyosho Mini-Z 4DW Buggy which I’ve designed and 3D printed new wheels and tyres for.

I helped a little with Daniels OpenRC Truggy project by designing a Fully Parametric Off Road Tyre which fitted his standard Truggy rims. This is available along with the OpenSCAD design on Thingiverse.

Kyosho Mini-Z TyresI’ve also published a number of blog posts about 3D Printed Drones and even the Worlds Fastest RC Car which plans to be mostly 3D printed.

As you can see there’s a lot of good reasons for me to choose this project, but despite all this, the main objective is to encourage more people who are interested in 3D printing to actually become involved.

That’s also why I created my Beginner Series. I ran this website for the first few years without even owning a 3D printer myself, but one day I decided to lead by example and to document the whole process from the day I ordered my MakerBot Replicator 2, to the present day.

That’s what I intend to do with my OpenRC F1 Car build, to document it all. Hence, this is the first in a series of blog posts detailing how I’m progressing with the project, including the challenges I face and their solutions.

How to Follow My Progress

Although I have a presence on many of the social media platforms, the best way to follow my progress with this project is on my dedicated OpenRC F1 Website Page and in my 3D Printing Facebook Group. I’m posting regular updates in the group and it’s a great place for us to discuss issues and solutions.

I’m pleased to say that Daniel Noree (Mr OpenRC himself) is also a member of the Facebook group so he is following my progress too.

I’ll also post pictures on Instagram and Twitter if those platforms suit you better. Oh yes, not to forget YouTube too when this F1 beast is finally up and running.

Expect another blog post very soon, detailing the progress I’ve made so far with the build itself. I’ve already had a few teething problems which I’ve found cunning solutions for.

Thanks for reading. Please Like and Share this article and be sure to pop back to check on my progress.

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