Microsoft Windows 8.1 Fully Supports 3D Printers

by Matthew Wellington on August 17, 2013

Windows 8.1 3D Printer Support3D printing is the latest trend in the industrial revolution. It’s actually the first of its kind as far as technological advancements are concerned.

A lot of people are currently using 3D printing because it brings unique improvement in the fabrication of final Products and Prototypes, nothing like anything that’s been ever witnessed before.

3D printing is important mainly because of the great benefits that it has brought to the production of highly customised consumer products. That is why software providers like Microsoft now want to include 3D printing in their operating systems in order to allow their clients the opportunity of reaping the massive benefits that 3D printing will bring.

It has been made clear that Windows 8.1 will now fully support the most popular 3D printers. Therefore if you will be using that operating system, be assured that you will be one of those people who will benefit so much from the amazing things 3D printing can achieve.

Why is 3D Printing So Important to Microsoft?

Microsoft have recently been demonstrating their 3D printing support at eighteen of their retail outlets. These presentations made use of the MakerBot 3D printers but many other popular printers are expected to be supported.

The reason why Microsoft wants to support 3D printers through its operating systems is because of the foreseen benefits that it will bring to the home user and the manufacturing industry.

Nowadays, printing is a major emerging technology especially for Home/Hobbie Use small businesses and the Fashion Industry; consequently a lot of people will benefit from the great results we expect to see from 3D printer supporting OSs.

Market analysts already feel that 3D printing will help so much in boosting the global economy, which is of great benefit not only to the people in related industries but also to the entire human race.

“We don’t think desktop 3D printing will replace mass-production,” he wrote. “The economics of making millions of the same object will always be more cost effective than individual or short-run manufacturing. Instead, people will use 3D printing to make custom creations.”

~ Shanen Boettcher from Microsoft

Traditional factories may one day be a thing of the past, but not for a long time yet. However, if you are involved in manufacturing on a small scale or create customised products, you need to free yourself from these traditional factories by going for what is best for your specific situation, that may well be 3D printing.

What many people expect is that 3D printers will help us create products that were previously impossible or at least very expensive. This will generally make most products especially those which are customised, much more affordable.

Microsoft are proposing to introduce their own file format called 3MF to replace the popular but not so great STL format. It’ll be interesting to see how they offer support for popular printers using their own file format.

When these printers do become more mainstream in the near future, you can bet that access to affordable products bought/downloaded from businesses online will be made much easier. Not to mention, the enormous potential for consumer created products that could be fabricated via 3D Printing at Home.

Benefits that Increased 3D Printer Support Will Bring

It’s great that Microsoft are finally supporting these printers because a positive impact to the economy is a very likely outcome with the increased use of 3D printers.

Anything that will bring better results to the current economy should be embraced right now, especially now where there is intense need to create more jobs and support many more entrepreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses.

Look at share prices for 3D printing companies for example. 3D Systems, Stratasys and the newly NYSE Floated Organovo are all doing well at the the of writing this article.

Also, excluding technology, how often do we see cheaper products in the market? Prices continue to rise, sometimes over and above the rate of inflation.

This is why we need to take advantage of this opportunity to make savings when we buy and manufacture products. People in Related Industries will also get to make better returns in their business.

Although many controversial products have hit the news lately like the 3D Printed Liberator, it’s great that a large company like Microsoft are now officially supporting 3D printing and bringing it to home user. This only reinforces the strong future that this amazing technology has ahead of it.

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