MOYUPI Turns Childrens Drawings into 3D Printed Toys

by Willy Matsiri on July 28, 2015

MOYUPIImagine what you would feel like if you could turn any monster drawing your kid does into a physical three-dimensional toy.

In their eyes you would be like the comical Wizard of Oz, waving a magic wand turning drawings into toys.

The only thing is your magic wand will simply be MOYUPI.

Moyupi is a Spain-based startup that provides a unique service, which turns kids’ 2D Drawings Into Custom 3D Printed Toys. All you need to do is send freshly drawn artwork of monsters or your kid’s imaginary friends and you’ll soon have colorfully painted 3D models of them to give back to your child. Doesn’t matter if it’s cute, funny, crazy or something straight from a fiction movie – the main point is it has to come out fresh from your child’s imagination.

Moyupi will take that drawing and give it life by creating a 3D printed toy, which is specially hand-painted to produce an exact match of the artwork you’d sent. The toys will come in three different sizes: small, medium and large ranging from 7-15cm tall.

The toys have excellent qualities to make them just ideal for children. For example, they are waterproof and made out of durable ABS plastic. As a result, no contact with water will destroy them and they can handle whatever rough games your child puts them up to without getting easily ruined. They are also incredibly light to make it easier for kids to carry around anywhere they go. More importantly the toys conform to CE requirements, are non-toxic and absolutely safe for children to play with.

Juan Angel Medina, an engineering student, got the idea of starting this Kickstarter campaign while living with a warm loving family in the Black Forest Region of Germany. After just a short while of staying with the family, Medina had developed a deep bond with the kids, who he noticed loved drawing funny pictures of monsters and their imaginary heroic friends. It soon became apparent to him that unlike adults, Smartphones and tablets had no place in a child’s life. He observed that what kids loved most was to use their imaginations and take their play outside. For a moment, it felt like his own childhood memories were coming back to him.

This is when it dawned on him, what if it could be possible to turn children’s drawings into toys they can go out and play with especially those that were inspired by their own imaginations. The drawings can be of anything from a ninja princess to a double-headed zombie or a monster with Robot-Like Arms.

Medina describes ‘Moyupi’ as any imaginary creature that your child can think of. It is the first toy in the world to be inspired, designed and created by your very own toddler.

How a Custom Moyupi is Created

There are many ways to document your kid’s childhood life, but what better way is there than to keep tangible evidences of their crazy imaginations growing up. Thanks to the cartoons kids watch and just the fresh unexplored mind of a child, their imaginations usually know no limits. Now through Moyupi, your child’s imaginations can be given life.

Moyupi works hard to make sure that each artwork is turned into a masterpiece. Every 2D drawing passes through various levels before the 3D printed toy of the imagery is fabricated. Any sketch you send will first be taken to a designer. It is the designer who creates a 3D model of the drawing ensuring that it looks just like the monster your kid had drawn in every way. Zbrush is a common digital sculpting software that these designers use to convert drawings into the perfect 3D model.

The 3D model is then sent to a High Resolution 3D Printer to be created using durable and non-toxic plastic. Once out of the printer, as the final finishing process; the Moyupi is sanded and primed. Finally, it is hand-painted and varnished to protect its colors. However, parents also have the option of buying the toys uncolored to prompt their child to use their creativity in trying to use the same colors on the drawing to paint the 3D printed toy.

Most of the steps in the entire process are done by hand because the aim is to bring to life drawings from children, hence it is very important for the authenticity of the drawing to be maintained and left uncorrupted.

Labor of Love

Medina is looking for a funding of 10,000 euros on Kickstarter by end of the month. He has since been joined by five other enthusiasts of the idea, who are positive that Moyupi will touch kids and families across the world. If they meet their funding target, the team is going to ship out the first batch of Moyupi toys beginning September. Backers who’ve pledged 30 euros will receive a small-sized Moyupi, whereas 50 euros will earn you a medium one and 70 euros the large one.

So is the Moyupi project all about money? Actually, this project has more than meets the eye. The company has already declared itself as a ‘social project’ and has created links with several associations focused on helping children.

They have even announced their intentions to dedicate a percentage of their earnings to funding these associations. It is quite evident that Moyupi is a labor of love. The team is formed of tech gurus who are in love with Art and Artists have a soft spot for technology. One would easily come to the conclusion that Medina has just the perfect team behind him.

When asked what more do they have in store as far as Moyupi is concerned, the engineer and his team explain that they have plans to come up with an app that would make the process of designing Moyupi much easier. Besides, they are putting measures in place to enable them easily design more complex Moyupi models to provide better 3D Printed Toys for children. Their end game is to have as many points of sale as possible in Spanish stores across the country.

Funding Update (1st August 2015)

Since the Kickstarter funding for this was cancelled a few days ago we thought the project itself might have been cancelled.

I checked the project creator himself (Juan Angel Medina) and the great new is the project is still going ahead! It just doesn’t need the Kickstarter funding any more as the project has since been funded externally.

Juan emailed me and I’m sure he won’t mind me publishing this interesting extract from his email:

The only changes the project has undergone are:

  • We will develop a new website which will allow everyone to buy a Moyupi, and it will be ready in October.
  • During this development process, we are offering to our backers the possibility of having the Moyupi they wanted, by sending their drawings to and paying via PayPal or transfer.

Afterwards, everything will work as planned, and there will be lots of incredible surprises 🙂

We’re really pleased the implementation of this great idea is still going ahead and we look forward to following it’s progress and maybe even reviewing the service in the future.

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