Octopus iPad Stand, 123D Design and Orange Screamers

by Jason King on October 1, 2014

Colorful 3D PrintsAlthough my last blog post in this series was packed with useful info, I was a little conscious that it was lacking in good photos.

The simple reason was that by the nature of the post there weren’t many good, relevant photos I could take.

Well, the situation is much different now, partly due to the arrival of some new colorful filaments from colorFabb.

I’ve also been doing lots of printing in the last few days and I’ve been trying to improve my limited photography skills. Put these together and I now have quite a few half decent photos of some great prints in some glorious new colors.

As much as I love to ramble about my 3D printing antics I am really going to make an effort to keep the words to a minimum in this post and let the pictures speak for themselves. Here goes…

123D Design

After the sad Demise of Tinkercad on all of my computers a week or so ago I’ve been looking for a new CAD package to replace it, at least until I manage to fix it. I downloaded and had a go with FreeCAD, which looks great but the complexity and learning curve scared me a little, especially with people still demanding customised keyrings. I needed a quicker solution.

Cliff RS 3D Design

Let me introduce to you 123D Design, which is part of the Autodesk family of 3D related software. Notice the name is similar to 123D Catch which I’ve been trying too.

Long story short, 123D Design is very much like Tinkercad so is quite easy to learn. The version I used wasn’t web based but was installed on a Windows 7 machine. It’s a little more complex and powerful than Tinkercad but that’s what I needed really.

One of the first things I designed was a, wait for it… yep another keyring. But, as you can see this is no ordinary keyring, it’s two colors, but printed using a single extruder (the Replicator 2 only has one extruder).

Cliffs RS Keyring

One thing I discovered when printing this was that the “Z Pause Height” option on the MakerBot, when set to 4mm for example, seems to pause a layer or two before 4mm, not afterwards.

This basically meant that the first keyring attempt failed, because after pausing and changing the filament to blue, it printed one more layer before starting the text, so the whole face was blue, oops.

It was a lesson learned again but that is why I’m doing this after all. I try stuff and sometimes fail, but at least we can all learn from my mistakes.

Attempt number two failed too because of a minor extruder jam. As you can see from the picture of the extruder there was some purple plastic jammed in the gears. Note that I’d not even used purple that day so it had been there for a day at least before it caused an issue.

Eventually the keyring printed really well and I’m very happy with the results, but more importantly so is the new owner of the keyring.

Octopus iPad Stand

I’m sure I mentioned earlier that I would keep the words to a minimum and it seems that I’m failing a little so I’ll try to be a little briefer from now on, I promise.

Octopus iPad Stand

Something I downloaded a while ago but wasn’t brave enough to print was an Octopus iPad Stand . I love this and after printing it in colorFabbs Fluorescent Green using 0.2mm layer height, I love it even more.

As I’m more of an Android person rather than an Apple fan (basically I own a Nexus 7 rather than an iPad) I 3D printed this at 70% of it’s full size, so it’s great for my Nexus or my Kindle.

The only problem I have now is that everyone who sees it seems to want one. Well at least my Christmas presents are going to be much cheaper this year 🙂

I was Bitten by a T-Rex

Yes you did read the sub header correctly. Let me explain…

After 3D Printing a T-Rex Skull a few weeks ago in low resolution (0.3mm layer height) and in purple PLA, I’ve been itching to print it in a higher resolution and in white.

The problem I have had for a while is that as soon as my MakerBot gets to a small intricate part of a print (eg, dinosaur teeth) it tends to stop extruding.

Failed T-Rex Skull

Dropping the temperature (from 230 degrees to around 210 degrees) and speeding up the printing (lower resolution) seems to help a lot but this isn’t much of a solution and I’m still working on solving this issue. If you have any ideas then feel free to send them to me, I’d be eternally grateful.

Anyway, as you can see from the picture this attempt failed, just as it reached the last few teeth.

Being a little impatient as I am sometimes and slightly annoyed that it failed after 6 hours I pulled the lower jaw bone from the build plate.

When it finally released it came of the build plate so fast that one of the teeth stuck into my hand and actually drew blood.

“Not only did my dinosaur fail, but it actually bit me too!” ~ Jason King

Really, how many people can honestly say that?

3D Printed glowFill Ape

It’s at that point that I decided to print a glow in the dark ape using glowFill plastic. No sharp edges and much less risk of failure or injury.

It worked really well and as you can see from the picture it really does glow in the dark. Shame about my photography but the blurriness adds to the mystery.

With Halloween approaching, expect more stuff being printed using this great new filament.

Orange Screamer

I’d heard recently (on a podcast I think) about a so called Orange Screamer on Thingiverse. I had to see what this was all about and then after realising I’d just had 750 grams of colorFabb Dutch Orange filament delivered, it was a no brainer that I had to make one of these.

As you can see it’s printed in three little parts which clip together nicely to make a whistle. Well at least it’s remotely useful, so I printed a couple out.

Orange Screamer

After a little wearing in it works really well. I was going to put up a video on my YouTube Channel of me making some noise with this crazy thing, but decided it’s be too embarrassing, so maybe next time.

Last but not least, I’ve been playing around with Facebook adverts this week with pretty good results. For my final picture (but actually the first in this post), this is a little gathering of a few colorful but small things I’ve printed in the last month or so.

After so many green and purple pictures in recent posts I did promise a little more color. I hope this post has lived up to expectations.

I do apologise though because for all my good intentions not to write too much, I have still managed to ramble on a little.

Thanks for reading and I’m already planning some more good stuff for my next post in this 3D Printing Beginner Series, including some long awaited upgrades for my Replicator 2. Feel free to Like, Share and Comment on this post if you found it interesting.

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