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by Jason King on November 25, 2012

Jason KingHi my name is Jason King (I’m on the left in the picture).

I first discovered 3D printing back in 2012 when a friend of mine mentioned something about 3D printing chocolate.

At this point I had no idea what 3D printing was but any mention of chocolate had my full attention.

After a few questions to him I had a basic idea what 3D printing was all about but took it upon myself to do some more research in my own time.

I was amazed at what I found and wanted to become involved as soon as I could. It was only a few weeks after this when I purchased the 3DPrintHQ.com domain name and started this website.

Back then it was a lot more basic and less organised than it is now (I know it still needs more work), but it was the start of a very interesting journey into the mysterious world of 3D printing.

For the first year or so all I did was publish the most interesting news stories, but after a while I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy myself a 3D printer. After all, how am I supposed to teach others how great 3D printing is until I’d taken the plunge and learned all about it myself, the hard way?

Before I’d even took delivery of my new Makerbot Replicator 2 I started the Beginner Series, with the sole intention of being your crash test dummy. By this I mean literally learning 3D printing the hard way and reporting back my successes and failures to you, so you can learn from them and avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

A year or so on and I now have some expert writers who write news stories for me, which allows me to concentrate on the actual 3D printing itself. Experimenting, learning, making mistakes and writing about the whole process is all part of the experience and I love it.

I’ve progressed a lot since I bought that printer and I’ve written many blog posts in the Beginner Series tracking my progress step by step, good or bad.

It was only recently when I decided I needed even more focus. Designing and 3D printing stuff is great, but as my readership has grown I need a specific goal to aim towards and a specific message to spread. It didn’t take much thought before I realised I already had that goal, I’d just not realised it until now.

It’s probably best summed up in my own words as follows…

“3D printing is truly amazing and I won’t rest until everyone who shows an interest in it becomes immersed in it and helps popularise it, on whatever level they feel fit.”

~ Jason King

Feel free to quote me on this and make me accountable for it. If I go off track at any point let me know and tell me off.

That’s my purpose, that’s my message and this website is my main platform for spreading that message. However, I cannot do this alone as this message won’t spread itself.

With your help we can all spread the word about how amazing 3D printing is and how we can all become involved in it ourselves on some level.

I have utilised some of the most popular social media platforms to help us in this task. Feel free to join me in the work I do on which ever of these platforms suits you best. Likes, Shares and Comments are always welcome on any of them.

I’ll teach you all about 3D printing if you help me spread the message about how great this technology is. My door is always open and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and happy 3D printing.


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