Radio Controlled Land Yacht Project

by Jason King on March 30, 2016

3D Printed RC Land Yacht v1If you’ve been following my OpenRC F1 Car Project  you’ll know that it was quite a challenge but ultimately a great success I think.

Although I still plan to continue to improve and write about this amazing 3D printed RC car, I’ve realised that I need a new challenge, one which is entirely my own design, as the F1 car was designed by Daniel Noree.

I’ve decided to design and build a 3D printable Radio Controlled Land Yacht, which will be cheap to make run, using wind as it’s main power source as well as some batteries for the RC gear.

As usual I will report my progress, right from start to finish. This might be my biggest challenge yet as it will involve designing the RC Land Yacht from scratch using OpenSCAD.

As with the Formula 1 car project, there’ll be many issues which I’ll need to resolve somehow, but that’s all part the fun. This is an outline of my plan:

  • Research shop bought RC land yachts
  • Visualise how I might design a 3D printable one
  • Start designing a working prototype in OpenSCAD
  • Tweak, re-prototype and re-test until it functions well
  • Optimise the 3D printability so it’s simple and cheap
  • Release version 1 and upload it to Thingiverse
  • Encourage others to build it and suggest improvements
  • Design upgrades, like floats for water or skates for ice
  • The rest depends on your feedback…

It would be great if you could join me in this challenge. If you’d like to follow my progress then please bookmark this page (where I’ll report everything) and join my 3D Printing Facebook Page where we can discuss the project in detail.

Wish me luck, the challenge starts today…

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Thanks, Jason

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