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MOYUPI Turns Childrens Drawings into 3D Printed Toys

July 28, 2015

Imagine what you would feel like if you could turn any monster drawing your kid does into a physical three-dimensional toy. In their eyes you would be like the comical Wizard of Oz, waving a magic wand turning drawings into toys. The only thing is your magic wand will simply be MOYUPI. Moyupi is a […]

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Austrian Artist 3D Prints Amazing Life-Like Insect Models

November 9, 2014

3D printing has been traditionally associated with small lack-luster plastic objects. However, recently this view has changed because of several amateur efforts that have introduced the world to a novel concept: 3D printed art. We’ve already told you about some of them like Scott Camazine’s Printed Skulls, Stilnest’s Cuckoo Clock and the Art of Failed 3D Objects. […]

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Octopus iPad Stand, 123D Design and Orange Screamers

October 1, 2014

Although my last blog post in this series was packed with useful info, I was a little conscious that it was lacking in good photos. The simple reason was that by the nature of the post there weren’t many good, relevant photos I could take. Well, the situation is much different now, partly due to […]

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Multi Color Prints, Fine Tuning, colorFabb and FreeCAD

September 16, 2014

Welcome to the latest instalment in my new 3D Printing Beginner Series. I did so much 3D printing last week that I couldn’t cover it all in one reasonably sized blog post, so this is kind of part two. There’s lot of good stuff to cover in this post so lets continue right away, starting […]

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Googles Modular Phone ‘Project Ara’ Uses 3D Printed Parts

June 10, 2014

With plans for Google’s ‘Project Ara’ showing quite some promise, it may only be a couple of months before you have a fully customized 3D printed modular phone in your pocket. These phones are not really expected to replace the conventional smartphones but more of show what 3D printing can do; plus they are also […]

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Amazing 3D Printers at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas

February 12, 2014

January 7th to 10th 2014 marked a special few days in the electronics’ world as these were the days when the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2014 was held. The show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Normally the Consumer Electronics Show has always been the event many people long to go to in […]

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