MIT Students 3D Print High Security Keys

August 26, 2013

A never ending battle has been going on between locksmiths and lock pickers since locks and keys came into existence. Locksmiths try to outsmart lock pickers by making complex locks and keys while lock pickers try to pick it by analyzing the lock or duplicating the key. This battle has ended this month, as far […]

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The Liberator 3D Printed Gun

May 14, 2013

Since 3D printing came into the limelight, it has been interesting to see the astounding things the technology can do. 3D printing has in many ways showcased its unprecedented abilities in Fabricating Magnificent Prototypes and final objects used in different fields. But as much as the technology has had a reputation of producing products that have […]

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Crime and 3D Printing: Drugs, Fraud and Guns

April 7, 2013

There’s little doubt that 3D Printing has transformed the way in which we think about manufacturing. 3D Prototypes of almost any object have never been easier and cheaper to create. As technology progresses 3D printing can only become better, cheaper and more prevalent. The advantages of 3D additive printing over traditional methods of manufacturing have been discussed […]

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