Designing and 3D Printing a Radio Controlled Land Yacht

March 30, 2016

Mid way though January I decided that I needed a new 3D printing challenge. Although I’ve always taken on mini challenges, designing and 3D printing some cool stuff, I thought it was time I made myself accountable for a bigger challenge. I chose to build Daniel Norees amazing OpenRC Formula 1 Car which would involve a […]

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3D Printed Shells to Help Save Endangered Desert Tortoise

February 24, 2016

In the next decade or two, are there still going to be desert tortoises in Southwestern USA or will they simply be a distant memory? Well, the odds lie in a balance and so far desert tortoises seem to have only one key advantage – 3D printing. For millions of years, tortoises have managed to […]

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Audi 3D Print a Rover Which Will Travel Across the Moon

January 27, 2016

When Apollo pilots, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, landed on the moon in July 1969 and took their first steps on its surface, they began an era of space exploration for mankind. Since then, however, lunar exploration has largely been neglected by government organizations. In 2007, XPrize foundation reignited interest in moon exploration by announcing […]

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PLA is Four Times Stronger with Floreon Organic Additive

September 28, 2015

As 3D printing is gaining popularity and 3D printers are becoming more affordable, enthusiasts all over the world are buying consumer-grade 3D printers to experience the new technology first-hand. It is for this reason that the Sale of Consumer 3D Printers is expected to exponentially increase in the coming years. Most of these consumer 3D printers are […]

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3D Printed Car Travels 640Km on One Litre of Fuel

September 12, 2015

Going by the results of the two recent racing competitions that were held recently in Europe, it’s clearly beneficial to use 3D printed materials in coming up with the ideal automotive design. Not only do 3D printed parts improve the aesthetics of automotives but the performance as well. This was proved to be a fact […]

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Dutch Firm Plans to 3D Print a Steel Bridge in Amsterdam

July 9, 2015

Since its introduction in 1985, 3D printing has largely been considered a technology suitable for printing small objects like Plastic Toys and Spare Parts. In some ways this view is justified. While there are some printers capable of printing huge objects, such as the amazing House 3D Printer in China about which we told you a year ago, the majority […]

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