Trilobite Fossils, Butterflies and NASA Space Wrenches

February 1, 2015

As well as the popular Penrose Triangle Illusions I 3D printed a week or so ago, I’ve also been printing lots of other weird and wonderful things recently. I just wanted to give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to, with some pictures and links to where you can download this stuff yourself. […]

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3D Printed Brains, Hairspray and Lithophanes

January 11, 2015

Welcome to the first blog post I’ve written in 2015. Although I published five blog posts in December, my posts updating you on what I’ve achieved, failed at and discovered with my own MakerBot Replicator 2 have been thin on the ground. Does this mean I’ve been slacking off? Hell no and here’s why. A […]

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NinjaFlex iPhone Cases, Snowflakes, Skulls and Valves

November 30, 2014

Since discovering Dry Brushing a few months ago and having my first spool of NinjaFlex Filament delivered I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with both of these. Dry brushing is a great finishing technique for highlighting detail on 3D prints and I’ve been discovering what works well and what doesn’t. I think silver guilders paste brushed […]

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Austrian Artist 3D Prints Amazing Life-Like Insect Models

November 9, 2014

3D printing has been traditionally associated with small lack-luster plastic objects. However, recently this view has changed because of several amateur efforts that have introduced the world to a novel concept: 3D printed art. We’ve already told you about some of them like Scott Camazine’s Printed Skulls, Stilnest’s Cuckoo Clock and the Art of Failed 3D Objects. […]

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MakerBot Upgrades, Dry Brushing and Print the Legend

October 9, 2014

A few times now I’ve mentioned upgrades for my Replicator 2. My plan was always to upgrade from the standard acrylic build plate (which is often not flat even from new) to a glass one. Another slight design flaw of the Replicator 2 and many other similar printers is that the filament spool sits at […]

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The Largest and Strangest Thing I’ve Ever 3D Printed

August 29, 2014

Since receiving colorFabbs stunning array of filament samples a few weeks ago I’ve been printing all sorts of colorful stuff. Again, the demand for keyrings from friends and family is still strong, so I’ve been designing and printing lot of those in various colors. I decided it was time I created myself one so I […]

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