3D Printed Wheels and NinjaFlex Tyres on 4WD RC Car

March 3, 2015

When I was younger I used to race 1/10 scale electric Radio Controlled Buggies, both on and off road. I loved it so much that about a year ago I decide to save up for a new one so I could start racing them again. After managing to save what is equivalent to about $1200 […]

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How I Made This Amazing PLA Spring Powered Car

February 21, 2015

Having realised the other day that I’d not used my 3D printer for a few days I decided it was time to take a look at some of the things I’d Liked (favourited) recently on Thingiverse. Some of the things I’d Liked were RC car chassis, a bit like this 3D Printed RC Truggy we wrote […]

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NinjaFlex iPhone Cases, Snowflakes, Skulls and Valves

November 30, 2014

Since discovering Dry Brushing a few months ago and having my first spool of NinjaFlex Filament delivered I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with both of these. Dry brushing is a great finishing technique for highlighting detail on 3D prints and I’ve been discovering what works well and what doesn’t. I think silver guilders paste brushed […]

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3D Printed Pumpkins, Spool Holders and NinjaFlex

November 14, 2014

During the run up to Halloween I naturally decided to check out Thingiverse to see if there were any pumpkins I could 3D print. After my recent delivery of Dutch Orange ColorFabb filament I though an orange pumpkin or two would be a great addition to the Celtic Skulls I already printed for Halloween. That’s […]

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Googles Modular Phone ‘Project Ara’ Uses 3D Printed Parts

June 10, 2014

With plans for Google’s ‘Project Ara’ showing quite some promise, it may only be a couple of months before you have a fully customized 3D printed modular phone in your pocket. These phones are not really expected to replace the conventional smartphones but more of show what 3D printing can do; plus they are also […]

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Disney 3D Prints Electronic Teddy Bears

May 16, 2014

Until recently, plastic toys were just about the only three-dimensional objects that you could create for your kid using additive manufacturing technology. This was undeniably intriguing because you no longer needed to buy every toy that your child needs. One minor problem though, all the toys had to be fabricated using plastic and therefore could to […]

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