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McDonalds Ponder 3D Printing Happy Meal Toys in Store

November 19, 2013

“Happy Meal Toys” have for quite a long time now been attracting droves of families to McDonalds stores because besides enjoying mouth-watering treats, every child at least gets to walk back home with a toy. Good motivation to lure in any toddler you might say! But given the recent proclamation by Mark Fabes, McDonald’s UK […]

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The Future of Aviation Shaped by 3D Printing

October 26, 2013

On December 17, 1903, as the Wright brothers’ glider took to the air, a new chapter in human history began: the era of flight. Fast forward to today’s age and flight has become extremely common. The sky is filled with airplanes and helicopters, commercial airliners cross the whole world within hours and even wars can’t […]

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3D Printing the Houses of the Future

July 16, 2013

3D printing is a technique used in manufacturing a product to convert a digital design into physical reality. It prints by creating cross sections which are then hardened with binding agents by putting layer upon layer of liquid or sheet material or powder. The first 3D printers appeared in 1980’s but they were huge just […]

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NASA to Develop 3D Printing Using Moon Dust

June 2, 2013

For decades scientists have been trying to figure out how to make human habitation on the moon possible. Being the closest body to the earth, scientists have always been fascinated by the idea of humans living on the moon. While man has for quite a number of times visited the moon, permanently living there has […]

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Urbee: The Worlds First 3D Printed Car

April 28, 2013

When you start hunting around for a new car a few different factors come into play. Is it really worth the money? How long will it last before the bumper falls off on the motorway due to rust? Do I need to buy shares in BP just to make sure I have enough fuel to […]

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