Magnetic 3D Printing PLA Filament from Graphene 3D

April 6, 2016

Most of the 3D printing that has been going on ever since the additive manufacturing technology was introduced has been the printing of cheap plastic parts. Definitely 3D printing of plastic objects and parts has had a huge impact in revealing to the world the potential that the technology has in completely transforming traditional manufacturing. […]

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How to 3D Print Using Flexible Filaments Like NinjaFlex

March 16, 2016

If you’ve followed my work for a little while you’ll know that I 3D print quite a few things in NinjaFlex. Most of the time I design and 3D print RC Car Tyres but I’m not just a one trick pony and I’ve been experimenting with other stuff recently. One of the biggest issues with NinjaFlex […]

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3D Printing and Fitting the Bodywork to the OpenRC F1 Car

January 30, 2016

Last time I wrote about my progress with this OpenRC Formula 1 car project I’d just Completed the Rolling Chassis. Although I’d already 3D printed a little of the bodywork too I’ll explain this part here, along with any issues I had and how I resolved them. By the very nature of this project it […]

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Building the OpenRC Formula 1 Car Rolling Chassis

January 27, 2016

If you’ve read my Last F1 Project Article you’ll know that up to this point I’ve already 3D printed some of the front steering and suspension parts. I’ve also taken delivery of the nuts, bolts and screws I ordered, along with lots of new PLA plastic from colorFabb. The natural next step for me now is to […]

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Grismont Paris 3D Prints Luxury Custom Golf Clubs

January 20, 2016

For most people playing golf is not only an interesting way of spending leisure time but it also involves meaningful physical activity with the bonus of making life a little more glamorous too. Not to mention the mental challenge that comes with hitting the ball into the hole is often thrilling to most golfers. Similar to many […]

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MIT Designers 3D Print Wearer-Reactive Footwear

December 2, 2015

As 3D printing technology continues to touch various aspects of our lives, it’s exciting to know that the Fashion Industry hasn’t been left behind. After all, don’t we all like putting on something outright trendy every once in a while? Over the years, the world of fashion has had some major shifts thanks to 3D printing. […]

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