5 Steps to Start 3D Printing and Inventing on a Budget

January 13, 2016

Here’s the scenario. You’ve recently heard about 3D printing and the amazing stuff it can do. You decide you really need to become involved in this technology as it’s potential is so exciting you’d be mad not to be a part of it, right? After a mad rush checking out some 3D printers you realise […]

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Worlds Fastest RC Car 3D Printed on Ultimaker 2 Extended

November 8, 2015

You probably don’t know this but the world’s fastest RC car at the moment can attain a maximum speed of 202 mph! Well, to say the least; that is a whole lot of speed for a small car. CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ Software was used by the current record-holder to design this ultra fast remote controlled car. While […]

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Five Speed Transmission for Toyota 22RE Engine

May 9, 2015

Do you remember Eric Harrell? Just to quickly jumpstart your memory, this is the same guy who introduced the 3D printed Toyota 4 Cylinder 22RE Engine that took everyone by surprise. The engine he designed was a complete replica of the real thing and proved to be 100% functional. What was more shocking about his […]

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3D Printing a Working Toyota 22RE 4 Cylinder Engine

March 28, 2015

Over the years we have seen many outstanding three-dimensional objects designed and printed courtesy of the additive manufacturing technology. Usually though, the objects made are those designed by 3D printing aficionados who are simply looking to spend the free time on their hands doing something constructive. These often involve fairly simple to create objects that […]

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How I Made This Amazing PLA Spring Powered Car

February 21, 2015

Having realised the other day that I’d not used my 3D printer for a few days I decided it was time to take a look at some of the things I’d Liked (favourited) recently on Thingiverse. Some of the things I’d Liked were RC car chassis, a bit like this 3D Printed RC Truggy we wrote […]

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How Does Selective Laser Sintering Work?

March 11, 2014

Just like the Stereolithography (SLA) technology, Selective Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing technique which can be used to turn digital CAD designs into 3-Dimensional objects. The printing process in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is however not quite the same as that used in Stereolithography. In SLA, an ultraviolet curable photopolyme resin is used instead […]

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