Magnetic 3D Printing PLA Filament from Graphene 3D

April 6, 2016

Most of the 3D printing that has been going on ever since the additive manufacturing technology was introduced has been the printing of cheap plastic parts. Definitely 3D printing of plastic objects and parts has had a huge impact in revealing to the world the potential that the technology has in completely transforming traditional manufacturing. […]

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Road Testing and Tweaking a 3D Printed Formula 1 Car

February 24, 2016

After I’d managed to break my F1 car the first time I Drove it Outside, I thought it was time to road test the new and improved version again. You may remember from my last article in this series that I’d spun the car at high speed and managed to sheer three axles, completely losing […]

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First Test Runs of the OpenRC Formula 1 Car

February 10, 2016

A few days ago I published an article about Fitting the Electrics to my Open RC F1 Car. Fitting the electrics so the car was fully functional wasn’t too difficult, but finding a place to put all the components and wires so it was neat and tidy was tricky. My temporary solution to this little problem […]

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Introduction to 3D Modeling with OpenSCAD

November 20, 2015

Purchasing a 3D printer can be quite a big financial commitment and for many people it’s not going to happen any time soon. Should this stop you from becoming involved in 3D printing? Certainly not, because while you’re saving for your first printer you can still design and invent your own products and you can […]

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PLA is Four Times Stronger with Floreon Organic Additive

September 28, 2015

As 3D printing is gaining popularity and 3D printers are becoming more affordable, enthusiasts all over the world are buying consumer-grade 3D printers to experience the new technology first-hand. It is for this reason that the Sale of Consumer 3D Printers is expected to exponentially increase in the coming years. Most of these consumer 3D printers are […]

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PhoneDrone – The $99 3D Printed Smartphone Drone

May 23, 2015

The convenience of modern technology gadgets has made many tech enthusiasts eager to acquire their own iPhones, laptops and tablets. This is especially since these devices can today be used to improve both one’s social and career life. Could you imagine a world without a smartphone or laptop? Good, you get the picture – unbearable! Now […]

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