Why is Customer Support for 3D Printers so Poor?

April 14, 2017

Whilst it’s not very often that customer support from any company receives rave reviews, it seems that 3D printer manufacturers get particularly bad press. From talking to people, creating surveys and doing some general research, customer care does seem to be a problem for many purchasers of 3D printers. I thought it was about time […]

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How to Start 3D Printing with 10 Dollars and No Printer

October 1, 2015

In this blog post I’m going to show you how you can start 3D printing, without a 3D printer and with very little money. I’ll describe with examples how you can design some cool custom objects (for free) and have them 3D printed for less than 10 dollars! Why would I give away my best […]

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Project3DPrint – How I 3D Printed This Amazing Watch

May 3, 2015

I’ve took on a few little projects recently where I’ve built something from multiple 3D printed parts. One example of this is the¬†Spring Powered Car, but I’ve been looking to take on more elaborate challenges. Something I’d really like to make is an RC quadcopter, or drone as they’re sometimes called. Having written before about […]

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Fila-Cycle Develops 100% Recycled Filament

December 29, 2014

Recycling plastic wastes and turning them into printing materials (filaments) is not a new concept in the world of 3D printing. However, never before has there been a 100% recycled filament with such color variety and which is capable of impressive performance like the Fila-Cycle recycled filament line.¬†Fila-Cycle is the first 100% recycled globally available […]

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NASA Plans to Launch the First 3D Printer Into Space

October 18, 2013

In early 2014, NASA is planning to launch the very first zero gravity 3D printer into space. The US Space Agency says this will be the first crucial step of assessing the feasibility of manufacturing tools and spare parts using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in a zero gravity environment. Normally in all missions that take […]

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6 Ways to Profit from the 3D Printing Revolution

August 30, 2013

As 3D printing is quickly going mainstream and a lot of improvements are being made to the technology to enable it to meet the essential needs of average consumers. The big question you should be asking yourself is how you can really profit from the 3D printing revolution? 3D printing technology is growing at a […]

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