December 7, 2017

Whenever I show my latest 3D prints to people, the one question they always ask me is “How much did this cost to make?” My answer is usually along the lines of “I’m not sure and I’m not worried because I’m going to make it anyway”. This is a good question and my answer is […]

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New MakerBot Replicator+ Promises Bigger, Faster 3D Prints

December 13, 2016

MakerBot has come up with a new and better upgrade to its initial version of 3D printers – the MakerBot Replicator+. The outstanding features and capabilities of this printer have literally took it to a whole new level. Some of the key benefits that stand out with the Replicator+ include advanced print speed, print volume […]

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3D Printed Pumpkins, Spool Holders and NinjaFlex

November 14, 2014

During the run up to Halloween I naturally decided to check out Thingiverse to see if there were any pumpkins I could 3D print. After my recent delivery of Dutch Orange ColorFabb filament I though an orange pumpkin or two would be a great addition to the Celtic Skulls I already printed for Halloween. That’s […]

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How to Fix the Biggest Design Flaw of Many 3D Printers

October 18, 2014

Last week I made a temporary broom handle Overhead Spool Holder for my Replicator 2, which like most ‘temporary’ things is now looking pretty permanent. I also ordered a new glass build plate from Performance 3-D, which has since arrived and has been fitted and tested. More on this later. With the spool holder and […]

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MakerBot Upgrades, Dry Brushing and Print the Legend

October 9, 2014

A few times now I’ve mentioned upgrades for my Replicator 2. My plan was always to upgrade from the standard acrylic build plate (which is often not flat even from new) to a glass one. Another slight design flaw of the Replicator 2 and many other similar printers is that the filament spool sits at […]

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