The 3D Printshow is Soon to Arrive in London

by Matthew Wellington on October 10, 2013

3D Printshow London 2013The October 3D Printshow 2012 was an extremely thrilling event to all 3D printing enthusiasts who managed to attend; displaying stunning works of 3D technology, art and design.

The show was also used to display innumerable Medical Applications which have all been made possible through 3D printing, showing the versatility of additive manufacturing and the huge benefits that many other industries are reaping as a result.

Now, a year later, 3D printing has been used to do so much more in various fields and industries.The good news is designers, students and families all over the UK will have another perfect opportunity of getting to learn about the numerous improvements that additive manufacturing has brought to our lives now the 3D Printshow 2013 is soon to arrive in London.

The printshow is planned to be held in London at the Business Design Center from 7th to 9th November. The show will display the largest gallery in the world, of objects made through additive manufacturing. There will be a large collection of 3D printed designs and art with captivating talks on what the future promises as far as 3D printing is concerned and the possible remedies that are likely to bring an end to the challenges the technology is currently facing.

The printsow basically will provide massive insights to the public on what 3D printing can do, with marveling highlights of how the technology has been used to transform industries such as the iashion industry, not forgetting its crucial role in modern movie making.

3D Printshow Fashion Catwalk

Considering that one of the greatest impacts of 3D printing has been evident in the fashion industry, there will be a lot of fashion exhibits showcasing all the fashion accessories that can be created from additive manufacturing.

With the fast growing popularity of Iris Van Herpen outfits among celebrities and the recent creation of the 3D printed performance boosting footwear for sports athletes by Nike, there are countless breathtaking fashion designs and applications that everyone who will make it to the show will enjoy the pleasure of seeing.

Besides presenting creatively designed 3D Printed Clothes and Shoes, there will additionally be a fashion catwalk at the London 3D printshow. The catwalk will have about 20 models displaying clothes, shoes among other fashion accessories which have been fabricated through 3D printing. The catwalk is specifically scheduled to happen at the Business Design Center Auditorium. It will be mixed with live music and some dancing to ensure that everyone has an exclusive experience at the event.

The importance of the catwalk will not only be to make the whole experience gripping but also to reveal the beauty of 3D printed fashion accessories in the most real and vivid way possible. Most people have heard about what 3D printing can make but seeing a person wearing that very thing will be much more riveting and memorable than simple hearsay.

Tickets for the fashion catwalk will be sold for £25 at the printshow. VIP ticket holders to the printshow will be allowed free pass and entry to the fashion catwalk.

Free Printers for Schools

For Schools and Learning Institutions that have had the desire of owning a 3D printer, the London November 2013 3D printshow presents an easy opportunity to do so. At the first day of the printshow, 7th November, there will be an education session which will be particularly tailored for students. Most of the topics for discussion on this session will be meant to trigger the creativity and curiosity of students so they can view 3D printing from a much broader perspective.

Exciting topics such as 3D movie applications and 3D Printing with Chocolate will be elaborately discussed in this session. Any person who is working in the education sector will be allowed free entry and attendance to the education session provided they bring along students who are going to benefit from the same.

Now here’s the cool part; schools, colleges or universities that bring more than 35 students will be given a 3D printer to go back with. According to the sponsors and organizers of the printshow, the 3D printer will be a good motivation to encourage interested students to continue increasing their knowledge on the 3D technology once they get back to school.

This is also a great way to ensure that many institutions will consider bringing their students to the printshow so that they do not miss the intense knowledge and information about the technology which will be shared at the show.

3D Printshow Hospital

Inside the Business Design Center, a temporary section (up to 6 rooms) will be set to act as the 3D printshow hospital. This ‘hospital’ is where all the presentations showing the magnificent medical applications of 3D printing will be carried out. The printshow hospital will feature case studies and live demos of how 3D printing can be used to help patients and needy people in real life health situations.

The medical session will prove highly educative with various key medical topics being discussed such as Organ Printing, 3D prosthetics, 3D Implants, digital dentistry and the list is endless. During this session people will be given the opportunity to raise questions or pass across ideas of better ways in which 3D printing can improve the medical field.

At the 3D printshow hospital there will also be medical talks and debates scheduled by leading scientists and 3D supporters such as…

  • Anthony Atala – organ 3D printing expert
  • Michael MC Alpine – person behind 3D printing of the bionic ear
  • Andrew Dawood – who created the 3D fabricated face for cancer patients in need of facial reconstruction.

Other Printshow Events

There will be other ongoing events scheduled at the printshow one of them being the 3D Museum, where 3D artfacts explaining the different cultures of people across the globe will be displayed.

Some of the things you can anticipate to find at the museum include replicas of giant dinosaurs and the famous 3D Printed Gun, Commonly Known as ‘The Liberator’.

You will be moreover be able to see amazing 3D architecture, a Home Fabricated Through Additive Manufacturing, a 3D Printed Car and a lot of other cool stuff at the London November 3D printshow.

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