The Future of 3D Metal Printing

by Jason King on March 3, 2013

3D Metal Printing Example“Welcome to the future” is a statement that is taking rounds with people who are known to be following technological advancement and the rapid move towards a more sustainable life. Today, inventions are coming faster than consumers can actually take them in. As such, the future of technology is fast approaching as the present technology becomes obsolete. The same applies with 3D printing and more so 3D metal printing.

The avid tech literate and savvy person understands that 3D additive printing has been around for some time now. In the earlier years it was just a concept that few would even dare start working on; however, in the last few years, 3D printing has become a force to reckon with in the manufacturing world. It is even set to overrun traditional manufacturing at the rate at which it is being innovated. Today, there are over one hundred different three dimensional printing options, ideas and functioning solutions worldwide.

3D Metal Printing is a Reality

Now having all this in mind, understanding what impact 3D printing has on the manufacturing industry is quite essential. 3D metal printing of late has become a more realistic and functional way for most companies to come up with different products and 3D Prototypes. Before, manufacturing companies had to go to great lengths of coming up with complex designs in order to see whether new options would be viable or working. Today however, it has become easier, faster and cheaper to come up with prototypes that are precise and more realistic through metal printing.

3D metal printing just like all other 3D printing options uses an additive process. This fact makes 3D metal printing one of the fastest and most reliable manufacturing options in the market. As the idea to go 3D metal printing in full force is being toyed with by many manufacturing companies, there is need to understand how 3D metal printing works.

Ideally, there are two major options when it comes to 3D metal printing. The first will essentially work where a printer will spray coat after coat of special metal glue over powdered steel, which is heated to dry in place. The overall image created, which is precise and to specification is then heated. After which, it is then hardened further using bronze powder which is infused through heating the steel image. The other option is where a 3D metal printer using most metals that are available; for instance, steel, titanium and such; creates an image of the object by adding layer after layer of the metal material to come up with a final product.

Both of these 3D metal printing options have considerably cut down the cost of producing 3D objects. A 3D metal printer requires very little raw material to create an object as opposed to the traditional subtractive process which requires time and wastes a lot of necessary raw materials. As such, more and more people and companies are looking into how 3D metal printing is going to be used in lowering the cost of production and creating more precise products.

Currently, the cost of having a fully functional 3D metal printer is high and is left for the big companies that can actually afford it. For instance, there is a major aviation company that is using three dimensional metal printing to come up with components and parts for their planes. However, there are a few small scale 3D metal printer options that are now hitting the market; proving once more how versatile and fast adapting 3D metal printing is becoming.

Three dimensional metal printing has a bright future ahead of it and at the rate it is growing, it will soon be very widespread, not only in industrial manufacturing, but also for the small scale manufacture of essential components. Today, there are more innovators that are coming up with more technical ways of making a 3D metal printer more versatile and usable. With the insurgence of this technology 3D Printers Costs are soon set to come down and owning a 3D metal printer is going to be a more realistic option sooner than you think.

Here’s a peek into the future of 3D metal printing:

Manufacturing Industry

More and more companies are opting for 3D metal printing as it’s cheaper, precise and more realistic than all other component creation options in the market. As 3D printing consumes lesser power, takes shorter time to create working and precise objects and is more economical in terms of raw material usage, it is set to revolutionize how these companies work and will be saving them a lot of money. Many companies are currently investing heavily in the innovation of 3D printing and bringing the future of better 3D metal printing even nearer.


Soon, with the increase in 3D metal printers in the market, it is going to be possible to create and print your own car components, spares or other metal products whenever you need them. Hopefully, with better innovation, creativity and with the right push, metal printers will be more affordable for major stores around you, who then will instead create metal objects for the hardware or spare parts that you require instead of picking them off a shelf.


Essentially, 3D metal printing just as with other additive printing options available is bringing a ray of light and hope to the medical world. The creation of essential orthodontic and biomedical parts have become easier and more realistic enabling patients to get more functions and assistive parts. With the cost of production being made lower, additive metal printing is going to greatly lower the cost of any medical services making it possible for almost everyone to acquire much needed and currently expensive services at a lower cost.

Generally, the continued development and innovation of 3D metal printingĀ is going to revolutionize how the world thinks and works. Instead of companies designing for manufacture, they are now manufacturing from design; able to come up with creative designs, making greater steps in production and manufacturing innovation and at lower costs. The future of manufacturing is in 3D metal printing (3D Metal Printing YouTube Video) and any company that seeks what is best for its wellbeing, should invest in this.

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