Top 10 Uses for 3D Printing

by Jason King on February 1, 2013

Top Ten 3D Printing UsesIn the recent past, 3D imaging has been used a lot in the creation of technological parts. Through the implementation of 3D Imaging/Scanning, a new and interesting aspect of this technology has emerged from the labs: 3D (additive) printing.

This form of printing is fast shaping how we create, design and implement objects in so many platforms of life.

More and more companies are turning to this art form of creation, for the production of extremely accurate three dimensional products. Not only is it benefiting the manufacturers, but is set to soon be helpful for personal creation of paraphernalia and art.

Understanding 3D Printing

Three dimensional printing is accomplished by using a specially designed printing machine that works at making imprints of a 3D image. For a printer to create any print, a 3D blueprint needs to be prepared and finely tuned to ensure that all the right specifications, angulations, calculations and shapes are up to par. 3D printing uses a process known as additive process which creates an object through laying layers of moulding material. This form of printing is usually very accurate as it adds, rather than drilling or cutting off material, using the latest in technology.

The fact that this form of printing is more technologically advanced, makes it a very reliable alternative in the creation of almost anything one thinks about. Honestly speaking, 3D printing has become one of the most sort-after forms of implementing and creating any image, prototype or product that you could be having in mind. Not only is this form of printing being used to create models and trial tests (as it was a while back) it is now being used to create full scale replicas and pieces that are joined together to create a realistic three dimensional product within record times and with exceptional and exquisite finishing.

Even though additive printing has been around for about two decades now; it is at this moment that it is growing and taking root in society. Currently, 3D printing is being used in so areas of day to day production that it is thought it may take over from the old style subtractive processes of 3D object creation within a very short period of time. As printers become more available and affordable, you are going to be able to create your own personalized 3D objects very soon.

Here are some of the areas where three dimensional additive printing is being used today:

  • Art Industry – Art is intricate and personal. As artists take to the canvas to create personalized feelings, there is now a new form of art being born. Artists are now turning to additive printing to actually transforming their artistic designs from their 3D Design Software into real tangible objects. This form of printing is now making it able for one to create an artistic creation that casts a true shadow and is three dimensional. All the artist needs is to create an outstanding 3D art blueprint.
  • Fashion and Clothing – Most people don’t expect that 3D printing can be used in the fashion and clothing industry; well, now you know. 3D printing is being incorporated into the creation of stylish clothing that can be adorned by all. Additive printers create specific designs and prints through the use of a moulding substance. All a clothing designer needs is to come up with a specific design and the printer creates wearable clothing.
  • Jewellery Creation – 3D printing is so versatile and wide. Today, you can create your very own customized piece of jewellery through this option. By having a specific ring or chain design in mind, you can have it drawn down by a specialist 3D artist and have it printed out. There is currently plenty of 3D printed jewellery products on the market that you can buy.
  • Construction and Engineering Industries – Major corporations and building firms have now turned to, and are investing heavily in, three dimensional printing. 3D printing can be used on a larger scale to create some needed products and materials to the specific requirements and measurements. As 3D printing is more accurate, it has become a reliable option to try out new ideas and prototypes in the engineering and construction industries. 3D printers on this scale are much larger and more sophisticated than the simpler domestic printers.
  • Automotive World – The design and creation of a car or even a plane is very intricate and requires accuracy to the smallest fraction. 3D printing has proven to be very helpful to automotive designers as it is easier to create models, test and come up with better automotive designs. There are several companies that are already using 3D specialised robots to create their vehicles.
  • Technology and Gadget Industry – Most probably that phone casing you have on your phone or even the keypad or any other component of your devices is made through additive printing. Many technology companies and gadget creators are themselves trying their best to further 3D usage and implementation. As such, there are currently plenty of 3D printed products out in the market today that are simply outstanding and simplifying how we relate with our devices.
  • Medical Industry – In the dentistry and prosthetics branch of medicine, 3D printing is playing a major role in helping doctors find a solution in helping needy patients. It is also being used to create dental implants and prosthetic arms and legs that work just as perfectly on their intended patients. With the kind of accuracy brought about by additive printers, these implants are changing the lives of thousands of people.
  • Industrial Design Purposes – When coming up with new designs and inventions, industrial designers and architects have to find a better way to test their new ideas. One of the best ways to do this is to come up with small scale models or prototypes. Three dimensional printing is offering solutions to industrial designers in coming up with realistic, helpful and working designs and creations.
  • Customized 3D Printing/DIY Printing – In the near future, 3D printing is going to be a part of our ordinary day to day living. Currently, there are 3D customised and DIY Printing options. Today you can have your image or a replica doll of you created using Three Dimensional Laser Scanners. Today you can get your own designs 3D printed by providing your idea to a 3D printing company. The DIY option lets you design whatever you want and have it brought to life through 3D printing.
  • Games – One of the best things about three dimensional printing is the fact that you can fabricate almost anything you want. The great thing is that you can now get a host of old games and new ones being fabricated using this new technology. Additive printing also helps gaming companies come up with realistic models of their characters for collections.

All in all, 3D printing is truly transforming the world of fabrication. Now, creating any form of model or three dimensional projection has become easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

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